Top Magic Tricks for Beginners with Cards

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I still remember the first magic tricks book I got when I was around 5. I used to spend hours crafting the props and perfecting the tricks. I was especially fond of card tricks and spent hours practicing with my mom.

So, to make sure you get to taste the magic of magic the same way I did, I’ll be looking at 5 kits of the top magic tricks for beginners with cards.

Magic Kits for Beginners

There’s a variety of magic trick kits for beginners available on the market. For the sake of these reviews, I’ve selected an eclectic pool of the most popular kits available so you can easily pick the most suitable one for you.

1.   3 Bees & Me Big Box of Magic Tricks

This deluxe magic trick set has over 75 magic tricks and is designed for kids aged 6 to 10 years old. 

Tricks range from disappearing acts to card tricks. Your kids will have countless hours of fun playing around with this set.

However, don’t think this is just a kids toy, it’s also a great option if you’re a beginner magician. It gives you the chance to practice and try your hand out in magic, without being too complicated.

Note that even though this is a fine magic kit, it’s lacking in some aspects. There are reports of the instructions being unclear as print is too small to read. 

Overall, this is a decent starter magic kit to get you ready for more advanced magic tricks. 


  • Variety of tricks catering to different interests
  • Suitable for children and beginners


  • Reports of instructions written in unclear print

2.   MasterMagic Magic Kit 

This magic tricks set includes an impressive total of 350 tricks! That’s a lot to fit a box if you ask me; you may even say it’s magic.

Suitable for ages 6 to 14, this set provides hours of entertainment for kids and beginners. Moreover, this kit comes with some cool magic props designed to comfortably fit kids’ hands. You’ll get a magic wand and a magic coloring book along with other magical props. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are some extras you’ll get with this kit. For example, you get 3 E-books including the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and Expert at the Card Table. 

Moreover, the kit includes access to a magic website that has even more tricks that aren’t included in this set!


  • Comes with 3 E-books for the card and coin tricks
  • Access to a magic website to practice when more tricks not included in the kit
  • The kit comes with some cool props making you live the whole magic experience


  • Since it’s designed for kids, props aren’t suitable for adult use
  • Some reports that props aren’t of good quality and they break easily

3.   Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set

A kit for card lovers, this magic set contains 50 card tricks exclusively. 

One of the best things about this magic set is how compact and portable it is. Everything comes in a neat little box that you can take with you to gatherings and impress your family and friends with all the cool card tricks.

The tricks included are suitable enough for beginners and can be performed by both older kids and adults.

In addition to card decks included, which are actually trick decks, you also get access to online magic tutorials. So, you can also learn to perform other magic tricks using everyday objects. 


  • Portable
  • You get access to other tricks via online tutorials


  • Some reports of the quality not being very good

4.   Thames & Kosmos Magic: Onyx Edition Playset

This magic kit edition from Thames & Kosmos includes 200 tricks that you can perform.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this kit is the quality of accessories and props. The solid metal rings for the linking tricks and handkerchief in glass accessories are almost professional grade. 

This in addition to the classic card and coin tricks, makes this a valuable addition to any beginner, because even if you’re a novice you will feel like a seasoned magician. 

Not only does this kit come with a 112-page colored instruction booklet, but you also get access to free online video tutorials to help you perfect your tricks.


  • Includes colored instructions booklet and online video tutorials
  • High-quality props


  • Expensive

5.   Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit Black

This magic tricks kit from Criss Angel is just amazing, this MINDFREAK kit allows you to perform 550 magic tricks combinations.

It includes different types of tricks, you have your card tricks, the classic cup and ball, and many many others.

Needless to say this will stay with you beyond your novice magician days. Which is great since it’s suitable magicians starting 8 years old with no age limit.

The kit comes with an easy to understand instructional video as well as an extra DVD about levitation.


  • 550 magic tricks
  • Includes clear, easy and fun instructions


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not suitable for small children

Mastering Magic Tricks

To be a good magician you need to be aware of some of the aspects that go into being a good magician. 

Becoming a Magician

It’s not easy to become a magician. However if you’re just a beginner still dabbling in the field or just want to learn a few tricks to impress your friends it is relatively easy. All you need is passion and to follow those simple steps.

Step 1: Learn

You will first need to learn about magic. 

  • Learn some easy magic tricks 
  • Study other magicians and their work
  • Read about magic 
  • Learn about magicians, 
  • Watch online videos of magic performances 

Step 2: Practice

Practice makes perfect, this has never been truer. To be a magician you need to practice your tricks.

  • Find a magic buddy to practice with
  • If this doesn’t work then an audience can be the second-best thing
  • Be original, yes you may be inspired by other magicians, but add your own style 
  • Upgrade and combine tricks to make them more interesting
  • A magician’s hands are his best tool, so work them, make sure they’re fast and flexible

Step 3: Perform

Performance makes or breaks a true magician. If you have to be charismatic while performing your tricks, not an easy feat.

  • Organize all aspects of your performance and/or show beforehand
  • Add humor to keep your audience engaged 
  • Humor also helps distract from anything you don’t want your audience to notice
  • Read your audience to help improve your performance

Benefits of Learning Magic Tricks

Do you believe in magic? Most of us have a fascination with the unknown, the mysterious. However, this may be more than just sheer curiosity, you may know on a subconscious level how beneficial performing magic actually is.

Boosts Confidence & Improves Communication Skills

Anyone who performs in front of an audience knows how that can affect your confidence. However, performing magic is actually on another level, as it requires you to only perform, but you also need to interact with your audience. 

This combination substantially improves the development of your confidence and communication skills. 

Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills

You have to have sleight of hands when you perform magic tricks, that’s just an unavoidable fact. For that reason, it’s believed that performing magic tricks actually helps hone your fine motor skills. This is especially beneficial for younger children who are still at that stage.

Improves Self-Discipline

Performing a magic trick successfully takes a lot of patience and practice. That is why you need to have great self-discipline to achieve that. In that case it’s quite beneficial to learn magic tricks if you want to build your kid’s, or even your own, self-discipline.

Best Magic Kits Brands

There are many brands that offer magic kits and sets. From kids toys brands such as 3 Bees & Me to magicians such as Criss Angel who have their very own branded magic sets!

I can’t really favor one brand over the other, because it all really depends on the magician’s own preferred type of magic, age, and level of expertise. 


Still, need to know more? You can go through our frequently asked questions for more information.

How Do I Choose a Magic Tricks Kit?

When deciding which magic kit to buy there are 4 things to consider when buying your first one.


How old are you or the person who will be using the kit plays a big role in selecting the kit. Most kits have an age so that’s easy to find.

However, if you’re an adult you shouldn’t be shy to buy yourself a magic kit that’s rated for a younger user. It all depends on your level of expertise. On the other hand, a younger magician may be advanced and can handle kits that are aimed at an older age.

So just use your own judgment and common sense when it comes to that. 


The type of tricks that you’re looking to perform plays a big part in the kit you pick. If you’re looking to perform a specialized type of trick, it’s more efficient to get one just for that. 

For example if you’re looking for just card tricks, it’s a good idea to buy one that offers just that. Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set will be ideal for you in that case.

On the other hand, you may be looking to perform a more diverse range of tricks. In that case, you can buy one of the more comprehensive magic kits such as MasterMagic Magic Kit


If the kit contains props and accessories, make sure that these are of good quality and suitable for you. Bad quality accessories will most probably break easily rendering the whole kit useless. 


Some kits come with a printed instructions leaflet. Others come with a DVD or even a link to an online video tutorial. 

Which one you’ll get depends on your own personal preference. Personally, I find that electronic versions are better, since you don’t need to worry about losing them.

Also, how easy the instructions are to follow plays a big role in your decision. I mean, what use is it to have the tools to do a magic trick without knowing how to perform it!


How much you’re willing to invest reflects on the quality of the kit you’ll be getting? A decent beginner’s magic kit will usually start at $20, while better quality kits can be priced $50+.

The Verdict

The world of magic is wide and winding, but I can make getting your magic tricks for beginner’s kit a little easier. From cards to coins to disappearing acts and everything in between, you can find a magic kit for it. But, which is the best?

For me, I find the MasterMagic Magic Kit, an ideal option for beginners as it includes over 350 tricks. This gives you as a beginner a wide range so you can test which tricks work for you, and is available at a relatively affordable price. 

Additionally, this kit has some nice bonus features such as the E-books that help you master the card and coin tricks category. So, you’ll have access to all the tools to become an amazing magician!

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