Spells and witchcraft

Do you have an interest in magic, but can’t find any free spells to try? You’ll find a complete collection of witchcraft spells here that will apply to any situation in your life that could use a little magical help.

free witchcraft spellsAll of the free spells on this site are real, and can be tried by anyone who is interested in becoming a witch. You don’t need to have your spells handed down through your family in order to start doing witchcraft. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have witches in your family, but you can learn to cast magic spells all on your own. Remember that magic is not a game, and just because you have spells at your fingertips doesn’t mean you are going to be able to change the world in an instant. It can take time, practice and patience to really master the witchcraft arts. Take care to read up on the proper way to cast a spell before you start. I’ve been a practicing witch for around 20 years now, and can assure you that these are all legitimate spells for performing real witchcraft.

Some of the latest spells and pages to be added to the site:

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  • Pay Back Spells
  • Witchcraft Books
  • Powerful Banishing Spells
  • Crystal Love Spells
  • New Spells E-book Available!

free witchcraft spellsEveryone’s favorite topic when it comes to witchcraft spells. Let’s face it, people turn to magic when they need help with love more than any other reason. A spell or two can help you find new love or even reunite old lovers again. Remember that true love can never be forced but there is no harm trying a love spell when the time is right.

real witchcraft spellsPretty much everyone comes to a time when they can use some financial help. Magic can help as long as you don’t get greedy.

Money spells can help in unexpected ways.

spells for witches, wiccans and pagansUsing the 4 elements of nature is the most fundamental kind of magic there is. Add some earth, air, fire and water to your spells for some awesome results.

Elemental spells are usually pretty straight-forward and require just a few supplies.

A little magic can go a long way when you want to protect yourself, break a spell or banish any negative influences. You do need to be reasonable with any use of protection magic though. Never rely on magic alone when you are in any physical danger. But to help add an extra safety layer, a good spell isn’t a bad idea.

learn free witchcraftA mixed-bag section of spells for your emotional and physical improvement.

Yes, the ever-popular weight loss spells are in this section, along with more magic to lift your mood or improve your appearance. More coming soon.