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You didn’t find me by chance.  Your intuition led the way.  One meeting with me could change your life forever.

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Below is a complete list of my professional spell categories.  For a description or to order, please click on the category, and you will be taken to a list of spells to choose from.  Below the list of spell categories is VERY information on my spell casting process.  Please be sure to read the entire page before purchasing

I offer professional spells on any and all life matters including love, lust, romance, love competition, family matters, long-term finances, money, career, spiritual issues, pets and animals, justice, protection, & more.  We can customize a spell for you from scratch!

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Cleansing Spells
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Spell Enhancers
99 Day Candle Vigil
Secret Eternal Bewitchment Spell
Business Defense Hex
Child Defense Hex –
Twin Flame Love Spell – Specialty
Infinite Power Spell (Most Powerful Spell Known To Man)
OUR SPELLS ~ My spells are extremely powerful and unique.  I have been studying and practicing for 30 years (since my  teens) and I’m one of the most powerful professional spell casters in the world today.  The spells I cast on my clients’ behalf our spells are Christian Spells.  The method I use is directly linked to the Holy Trinity and Christian Archangels, the most powerful source.  My art is Irish Traditional Witchcraft.  My practice is Grey Magic.  My religion is Catholicism.  My spells are of the *absolute highest possible power.  I have an extraordinary high rate of success – one of the highest in the business. Please Read On . . .

If you’re searching for an ethical, reliable, confident, experienced magical professional to create and customize a personal spell package for you, you’ve come to the right place.  I could assist you with my incredible, illuminating, powerful and amazing talents!   I have been professionally tested and certified authentic in nine psychic and spiritual areas!  And my items are among the most powerful professional services & products in the business today with one of the highest rates of success!

I offer strong, customized spiritual spell packages on any life matter, and I specialize in difficult matters of the heart.   My spell products & services provide you with a deep, magical, religious and spiritually based energy projection   This is no ordinary service.  My spiritual enchantments are among the most powerful professional spells available today, and my rate of success is unmatched!

If you decide to work with me, you will be treated with undivided attention and the respect you deserve.  I am non-judgmental, straight forward and outspoken when it comes to your best interest.  I will offer you guidance if you’re in a lost situation, and I will only agree to work with you after fully assessing your situation.

No matter what the problem or conflict may be, I could find a way to help you conquer your difficulties and help accomplish your goals.  I will always suggest the best possible option so that everyone involved is safe and happy.  Anything you need or want could be done in an ethical way!

Many of my enchantments/spell packages may be higher priced than others offered elsewhere. However, I provide you with the highest quality ingredients and tools.  The very highest priced packages on this site offer authentic diamonds or other precious gems and 24K gold and crystal bottles, among the other products and services included in these high-priced package.  I assure you, my profit is minimal!

Further, I personalize or custom write and create each and every spell.  For some options, I spend time answering questions with counseling via email or live messenger at no extra charge.  And all the products you will receive are high quality, fully spiritually charged & consecrated products such as Luxury Charm Spell Kit® and Enchanted Treasures Spell Kits®.  Boosters are provided without extra charge with some options.  After becoming a client, you will be provided with my personal email address.  Customer Care will respond to every email within 48 hours (except holidays/weekends).  Many spells  may be cast for several nights (even up to 30 or more with some).  Spiritual Counseling by tarot readings is included with many of the packages as well. With many packages, I include unlimited energy updates at no extra charge for the first 30 days.  Further, if you change your mind within 48 hours of your order, you will receive a full refund. (Some restrictions may apply. See individual items for details.)

You will never be ignored.  Upon becoming a client, you will work directly with me.  I could guarantee everything I’ve stated.  My clients could attest to it.  I have no desire to become rich by offering my services or products to others.  My only desire is to help my clients to the best of my ability and to earn an adequate living to support myself and my family.  So the packages are priced appropriately for the products/services offered. Basically, cheap products equal cheap results.  This is an elite, world-class company.  You get what you pay for.

The Packages are customized or personalized for your unique situation.  All packages are fully consecrated, charged and created by me with my own hands so the spiritual magic is projected through each and every word and each and every item.  They are not pre- fabricated at a factory or sitting at a warehouse.  They are created in a magical studio upon each order.  Therefore, your instructions are minimal.  I will consecrate each package (to order) by calling upon the Holy Trinity to aid you in your situation.  Upon leaving my studio, your items will be charged and ready to perform magic!


Although I’m a skilled, professional psychic, I will not waste your time or money reading on things that you could simply tell me free of charge.  Further, if I read on the matter, I may discover information you’d rather keep private.  So before customizing your package, I’ll need as much information as you’re comfortable providing about yourself, the people involved and the situation at hand.  I also need names of all involved, your date of birth, general geographic locations and pictures (are optional).