5 Best Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

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When looking for both functional and stylish for your card playing enjoyment, look no further than the sleek style of the black diamond waterproof playing cards. The black diamond playing card style is elegant, and some may even say sexy, and they are much more than just a pretty face card.

Why Black Diamond Waterproof Cards?

There are actually a lot of great uses for waterproof cards. Durability is incredible, and despite being a bit different in feel making them challenging for some applications like cardistry and close-up card mechanic work, the waterproof option brings two distinct advantages:

Spill-proof for safety at the poker table when a drink spills

Hey, it happens to the best of us and there’s nothing like the pain of watching a traditional paper card deck swell into a useless mass as water invades the interior. Not a problem when you have waterproof cards. We don’t recommend you head to the deep end of the pool for a 5-card poker game, but for pretty decent spills and dunking, these waterproof decks can stand up to the test of moisture most anyone can throw at them.

Outdoor playing options

No more fearing the loss of a card to the elements. We don’t recommend sitting in the pouring rain to get a round of play in, but it will be you that taps out before your cards as these waterproof options mean a more resilient and long-lasting result for the money you invest for your camping or just good old fashioned pool side poker or solitaire play.

Durability to withstand more than just normal play

Let’s face it: kids are hard on cards. When you have a deck of cards that you love the look of, you want to make them last. All of the black diamond waterproof playing cards are built to last more than your typical, card deck against bending and curling. The price points are also very attractive despite the bonus durability and waterproof capabilities.

Let’s have a look at the BMAS top picks for our 5 favorite black diamond waterproof card decks and you will be on your way to a spill proof card game in no time!

HD Waterproof Poker Cards – Flexible Magic Tricks Tool for Family Party and Table Game

The title is not far off of what the most common purchase reason is for these both elegant and functional black diamond waterproof cards. The family party is probably one of the more common places that a good deck of cards takes some extra abuse. These durable beauties will stand up to both spills and to wear-and-tear that your traditional Bicycle family deck may not be up for. A clear win for both the young players in the room and those who may lose a little water on the playing table.

SolarMatrix Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

These gold and silver printed waterproof playing cards are definitely easy on the eyes and on the hands. Aiming for both style and durability has led to another great option among black diamond waterproof playing cards here with the SolarMatrix deck.

The designs have a regal classic look and the suits are offset by using gold and silver over the traditional black and red. This makes these a very nice looking deck to use for your day-to-day play and the waterproof durability means you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them.

J.C. Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards Novelty

The J.C. Black Diamond waterproof playing cards are also a winner for style and resiliency. Another slick looking deck which features gold and silver suit colors and the box is a very cool carbon-fiber looking exterior which will make these attractive both in and out of the box.

The back design is a little more prominent that some of the others we reviewed and that little extra boldness may be a nice look for you depending on what your style is.

Acelion Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards, Plastic Playing Cards, Deck of Cards, Poker Cards

There is something particularly nice about the black-on-black layout of the Acelion black diamond waterproof playing cards. Both the face and the back are sleek and dark. The waterproof advantage makes them a great option to add some dapper design to your poker game without risking spilling your fancy drinks across a winning hand.

EAY Playing Cards Luxury Waterproof 24K Gold Diamond Foil Poker Carta, Gold Playing Cards

Ok, this may deviate from the pack a bit as a gold variety but these gold diamond waterproof cards are a beautiful addition to the stylish poker player in all of us. These EAY luxury waterproof black diamond and gold diamond playing cards have both your shiny and dark style ready to go

Our Favorite Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

It’s difficult to choose among these as your style may vary but the top winners from the BMAS team are (drum roll please!):

Best Black Diamond Classic Style – Acelion Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Card

The extremely stylish, almost Bond-like, look of the black-on-black in the Acelion Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards won us over. There are a few other options you may find out there that have this style but the price and the extreme durability of these waterproof classics are a no-brainer when it comes to our pick. If gold is your thing though…

Best Exotic Option – Gold Diamond Waterproof Cards

We had to give a kudos to the also Bond-like style of these gold diamond waterproof cards. They will leave your fellow poker players thinking the deck is worth more than the pot, but the truth is that these come in a very low price, especially when you take into account the quality and durability.

5 Best Table Mats for Close-Up Magic

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One of the simplest and most effective additions to your close-up magic game is to add a magicians mat to use for card and coin tricks. The mat is a great tool in the toolkit because it gives a visual focus for your audience to use and it also creates an easy surface for managing coins and cards consistently.

Close-Up magic table mats are not expensive and they are also not extremely difficult to reuse and tuck away with you magic kit. A standard size is around 17 by 12 inches or 23 by 15 inches, although you will find it a bit confusing (as I did) that every mat says it’s “standard size” and they are actually not the same between manufacturers. In magic, it seems, there is nothing standard.

Why Use a Close-Up Magic Table Mat?

The advantage to using a close-up magic table mat is that you have a very consistent and perfectly friction-friendly surface to spread out your cards and coins. Picking up the cards and coins is also easier because you can press into the material and easily get an edge whereas you don’t have that option on a smooth table surface.

Beyond the usability, it’s also about just creating a stunning visual effect. Using the mat to spread your cards, distribute coins, slide and pop up cards or coins, all done easily because of the felt surface. It means that you can practice and do live shows using exactly the same material and it also rolls up easily for tucking into your magic kit. Portable and highly usable. Double win!

What To Look For in a Close-Up Magic Mat

There are really three key things you’re going to look for in the close-up magic mat you want to use and those are:

  • Color – this is meant to be a visual touch but can also be a distraction
  • Pattern – also a visual addition but possibly distracting to the eye
  • Material – all synthetic but will vary in styles a bit

Color is very interesting because you don’t want it to distract from the color of your card deck or any props you use in your close-up magic routine. The two top colors will be black and green.

Black is the simplest to create stunning visuals agains, but also quickly shows dust and crumbs. This is the trade-off to using a black mat, but this is probably the most popular just because it also doesn’t stain with use. Even the best green mat cannot be permanently safe against picking up natural skin oils and potentially spilled liquids.

Green is very popular as well because it the the classic color of a poker table. Green lets the color of the pips on the card show very clearly against the white background and does not pick up dust as easily. The really question will be what your personal preference is for color.

Blue, red, and other primary colors are also options. These tend to be a very personal choice and you have to be careful that it does not interfere or clash with the color of your card backs. If you’re on a red close-up magic mat with a classic red Bicycle card deck, I’ve got bad news for you.

Patterns can be very nice to look at. Remember that many card mats you look for are also for specific card games so they will be adorned with logos, designs, trim, and other colorful features to make the visually attractive. For close-up magic you want the mat to be in the background, not the centre of attention. Be careful how you use patterns. Custom mats with your own logo can be a nice addition for recording your own videos but you may have to try a few different ways to make sure the logo or pattern looks good among the cards and coins.

Close-up Magic Mat Materials

There is nothing particularly special about most close-up magic mats. Simple synthetic felt-like material on the top and a padded rubberized mat back. The thickness will vary and this is important if you plan to roll and unroll your mat a lot. Remember that the top felt is glued on to the rubberized backing so it may begin to bubble and lift a bit with repetitive rolling and folding.

Always roll and try to never fold your mat. The material will pick up the pattern of folding pretty quickly and this makes the mat look used and tattered. Not a high-end look for a close-up magic show which is part of the allure you want to bring to the audience experience.

Our Picks of Best Close-Up Magic Mats

These mats are both inexpensive and proven with many, many hours of use and are widely reviewed. This makes an easy pick as you look to get started.

Enjoyer Large Black Close-Up Performance Pad 

This is a classic black mat which measures 23.6 x 15.7 inches in size. The material is smooth, soft, and makes picking up and spreading the cards very easy.

You’ll enjoy how nicely the mat rolls up for easy storage and travel. Having one of these in use for many hours, our team can stand by the quality and the price. There will be wear and tear over the course of time but so far this mat has stood up to the test!

Magic Makers Large Close-up Pad – Hunter Green

Green is the new black when it comes to a classically colorful close-up magic table mat. This very comfortable mat is 22.5 x 15.5 inches so it is a nice size and also rolls up for simple storage and carrying to your next close-up magic gig or party.

This also makes a great poker gaming surface for folks who are keen to have a poker party as well as for use as a perfect close-up magic table mat. The hunter green is actually a very good dark enough color that it is resistant to normal staining and you should get lots of use from it for your close-up magic coin and card enjoyment.

MMS VDF Close Up Pad with Printed Aces

This printed pattern close-up magic mat is a nice addition to the list with the bonus of being extremely comfortable and also having a visual border for a nice visual effect without distraction.

While we prefer the plain colors for most tricks and close-up magic, this design makes it easy to work with as you can anchor your cards and coins off the visual border and the open ended design towards the magician. The printed aces in the corner are a perfect touch for the card magic lover and card player in all of us

Enjoyer Professional Card Mat Poker Pad

While the Enjoyer Large Black Mat is an ideal close-up magic mat, this colorful variation is a great option to match your style. The Enjoyer professional card mat poker pad comes in blue, red, and black.

This particular mat has a slightly different surface style which some commenters have noted as “slippery” so it may give a different experience than the Enjoyer Large Black Mat. Your mileage may vary but this is definitely a more colorful version to amp up your close-up magic a bit.

Kingmagic Magicians Deluxe 16 x 12 inch Mat Pad

This is another great traditional black or colorful option with blue and red variants. The Kingmagic Magicians Deluxe features a more velvety surface which really gives a nice panache to the look and feel.

The interesting thing of the Kingmagic brand item is that it also comes in a larger and a smaller version as well. The small one is much more like a mousepad than a really solid close-up magic mat, however, you may find it’s handy for practicing with a similar surface in a tighter space like on your desk. Good way to keep busy when you are on a long phone call!

Ultra Pro Solid Green Play Mat Card Game

This is the outlier among the selection but definitely an option for those who like a wider surface and one that is not as “bouncy”. The Ultra Pro Solid Green Play Mat is designed more for card play than just close-up magic, but that won’t stop you from getting the best out of both worlds by using it for close-up card and coin fun as well as just a classic poker surface.

Note the stylistic difference is not just width but also thinness. The poker mat is a nice smooth surface but does not have the same level of give when doing coin lifts, card lifts, and on-the-mat manipulation.

One catch to this one is also the logo in the corner. It’s fairly subdued so it shouldn’t take away from your close-up magic act, but you may dislike that it takes away some of the symmetry.

Our Top Picks

All of these close-up card magic mats are functional, and visually appealing. They all pack up nicely for portability, and every one is in a very attractive price range. You will find that no matter what close-up card magic and coin magic mat you choose, there will be more than one in your career as every mat will eventually give in to normal wear and tear.

Of the selection we chose our top two based on usability + wow and the second because of just overall versatility and durability.

King Magic Deluxe – Best Surface

Not only does this give a highly usable surface to make close-up magic for cards and coins easier and smoother, but the King Magic Deluxe also showed up as the most vibrant and eye-catching for the close-up card magic mats we have tried.

Enjoyer Large Black Close-up Mat – Most Durable

The Enjoyer mat is a durable journeyman product that will give you a consistent surface, easy pack up and travel portability, and good durability. Give it a gentle wipe and hand wash as needed, and you can use a lint brush to clean up any dust and fragments that may build up.

All in all, this one is the one that will give you what you need from a close-up magic mat, when you need it. Plus, the price is right and you can put a few around the house for anytime access to practice the day away.

Enjoy your new close-up magic card and coin mat and don’t forget that practice is the key, but consistency is what makes it better, including your practice surface!

Your Faithful Guide to the Best Cardistry Decks and Tips

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You’re sitting in front of the TV on a Friday night after a long day at work. As you flip through the channels, a guy flipping out cards gets your attention.

Now, you’re intrigued. The way this guy manipulates his playing cards looks impossible, yet you’re tempted to try the art of cardistry yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ll be happy to lead the way. We’ll recommend the best cardistry decks for you, and provide a tip or two that you might find useful.

Our Top 5 Cardistry Decks

If you’re a beginner at cardistry, then the first thing you’re probably thinking is which cardistry deck to buy. We’ll help by suggesting a few products you might like.

1. Memento Mori Playing Cards

Let’s start our review with these amazing playing cards by Murphy’s. No one, whether they’re a professional cardist or still a beginner, could deny how attractive they look.

What makes these cards great for cardistry is that they’re crisp and have a smooth feel.

In addition to that, a lot of reviewers said that Memento Mori cards could last for a long while without getting worn out.

Also, if you happen to be a fan of Chris Ramsay, who is a well-known cardist on Youtube, you’d be thrilled to know that he helped design these cards.


  • Cool design
  • Durable materials
  • Great deck for cardistry
  • Smooth and crisp


  • Some people have reported manufacturing defects
  • Might be on the pricey end

2. Gent Supply Mythical Creatures Playing Cards

Another noteworthy option is this beautiful cardistry deck. We couldn’t help but admire the dark and elegant designs that decorate these cards

If you’re into mythology, then you’d be excited to find some of your favorite Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and East Asian creatures featured on these playing cards.

When you open the gold foiled box, you should find the 52 cards, plus 2 unique jokers and a card identifying all the mythical creatures.

These cards are made of 100% black PVC plastic and are waterproof.

As for the price, it’s slightly higher than the previous option. However, it remains a good deal for such an incredible product.

If you appreciate amazing artwork and great quality, this cardistry deck might be the one for you.


  • Flexible and soft
  • Durable material
  • Impressive artwork
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality finish


  • Might feel slippery if you’re a beginner at shuffling
  • The dark colors might make it harder to recognize the suits in a dim room
  • The price can be high for a beginner

3. Monarch Playing Cards

Next on our list are these cards that work great with a tight budget. If you’re still a beginner and unwilling to spend a lot on a cardistry deck, you should give this one a try.

Besides the price, the Monarch cards are awesome because they’re made of FSC-certified paper. This paper comes from sustainable forests, and vegetable-based inks were used to create these attractive designs.

Also, if you’re a fan of Now You See Me, you’d be excited to know that Monarch playing cards were featured in this popular movie.


  • Made of sustainable paper
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • High-quality
  • Featured in Now You See Me
  • Detailed artwork
  • Classy appearance
  • Budget-friendly


  • Easily bent after use

4. Prism Playing Cards

Looking for something shiny, cool, and eye-catching? You’ll probably be swept away by Prism playing cards.

Each card of the deck has shiny gloss ink combined with colorful designs. Besides, the smooth finish should allow any cardist to practice their art with ease and comfort.

They’re also perfect for game night and would be a nice addition to your collection of cards. With world-class materials and wonderful designs, you’d probably want to give Prism cards a try.


  • Unique design
  • Premium quality
  • Excellent handling
  • Humidity resistant
  • Durable 
  • Great for kids, card games, gifts, and cardistry
  • Weight is suitable for throwing


  • Could be on the expensive side
  • Not waterproof
  • The black coat might wear off quickly

5. Ellusionist Bicycle Black Ghost Playing Cards

Now, here’s a considerably affordable choice that can suit anyone, beginners or skilled cardists alike. 

This black-and-white elegant deck should capture the attention of everyone around you. With its dark-themed designs, we consider it a piece of art. Also, you’ll most likely come to admire the high-grade materials and the smooth finish as we did.

You should know that the Black Ghost deck wasn’t originally made to enter the market. It was only limited to private sales, therefore given as gifts to professionals or presented as special promotions.

But after plenty of requests, Ellusionist released the 2nd edition for the market. This is why it’s a favorite of many cardists.


  • Durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Impressive black-and-white designs
  • Great for cardistry and card games
  • Moderately-priced


  • Not suitable for throwing
  • The black coating might wear off with time

What Exactly Is Cardistry?

After we’ve looked at all these amazing card decks, a question comes to mind. What do we mean by cardistry?

Well, cardistry is the art of creating visually impressive displays using playing cards. Some people confuse it with magic, but cardistry is an independent form of art and doesn’t rely on the sleight of hand.

Think of it more like a performing art. When you do cardistry, you depend on spinning, tossing, or throwing your cards in an aesthetic display. Basically, you manipulate an entire deck of cards, or more, into making you look cool!

Plastic Cards Vs. Paper Cards

Suppose you’ve finally decided to be the designated cardist of your neighborhood. One of the things you should consider before buying a cardistry deck is the material you’ll be working with.

Here’s a quick comparison between two common materials.


Being lighter in weight, paper cards are better for shuffling. As a result, they’re a lot easier to work with if you’re still a beginner.

Another reason to buy paper cards is that paper is sustainable, so you won’t be hurting the environment when you get them.

Also, plastic-coated paper cards are less expensive than 100% plastic cards, which is another plus for beginners.


If you’re an experienced cardist, then using plastic cards should be fine with you. The extra weight shouldn’t bother you.

Another advantage of plastic cards is that they’re perfect for throwing. Additionally, they’re more tolerant to bending and scratching.

How to Start Cardistry

Learning cardistry might seem impossible. All these maneuvers that you see cardists do might look challenging.

However, we’ll provide you with a few tips to set you on the right path.

1.  Learn the Basic Grips

There are a few basic techniques you can teach yourself. These basics teach you how to properly handle your deck and have more control of it.

The right way to hold the deck is called the mechanic’s grip. This is the first thing you should learn.

After you’ve practiced this grip, learn other basic grips to gain more control over the deck.

2.  Learn How to Rotate a Card

The more you practice the pivot, the easier it’ll get to master other more difficult rotating techniques. As you know, practice makes perfect.

To add a little excitement, try variations of the same move. For example, you can pivot the card so it can turn outwards instead of upwards. 

3.  Learn an Easy Fan Move

Fanning out cards looks impressive and difficult. You can start learning that by teaching yourself a simple fan maneuver.

After you’ve practiced it enough times, you can try more challenging fan techniques.

4.  Practice Using Trainer Decks

Before you go and buy a fancy cardistry deck, you’d better practice using trainer decks. These decks contain fewer cards, and their material is thick plastic. That makes it easier for you to handle and practice with them.

As you become more experienced and familiar with these cards, you can train with cheap cardistry decks.

After you’ve mastered those cards pretty well, and learned more tricks, you can finally buy the pricey decks that you’ve been dreaming of.


How long will it take me to learn cardistry?

It’s really based on your motivation. If you get easily discouraged every time you can’t perform a certain move right, then it might take you a long time.

However, if you stick to practice every day for just 20 minutes, it might take you only one year to become a professional.

Can I do cardistry if I have small hands?

Yes. It might require some extra effort from you, but you’ll be able to develop your own style after a while.

There’s an advantage to having small hands, too. Small fingers can be quick and don’t get in the way of your cards.

Also, one of the best things about cardistry is that there isn’t an absolute right way to perform a move. You can always add your personal touch and work with what best suits you.

In Conclusion

In this world of glossy finishes and colorful designs, you might get lost when choosing the best cardistry decks.

However, we’ve got your back. Our top pick is Ellusionist Bicycle Black Ghost Playing Cards. They’re affordable, popular, and they’d look fantastic in your hands.

If you’re on a tight budget, then we suggest that you go for Monarch Playing Cards. They’re featured in Now You See Me and are made of sustainable paper.

Easy Magic Card Tricks for Beginners

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Any great illusionist must start small. What do you think sparked David Copperfield’s passion for magic? 

Probably the same thing that got everyone else into magic, card tricks! Card tricks’ appeal is not only that they look incredibly cool, but they’re also amusing to everyone, regardless of age or interests.

If you or your kid are looking to begin embarking on this magical journey of illusion, easy magic card tricks sets are the best place to start. 

Best Four Easy Magic Card Tricks Sets

The internet is arguably the best thing that ever happened to our generation, but it’s also somehow one of the worst. The ubiquity of options makes making a decision extremely difficult. 

For this particular reason, and after going through the same journey of shopping for the best magic card set, I’m writing this guide of my favorite four.  

Jim Stott’s ‘Ultimate Card Magic Kit: Best Overall 

Jim Stott’s card kit is a great kit for those who want to impress their friends at the party this weekend. It’s easy to master and won’t take you long. 

It’s a kit for everyone, 8 years old and above. The kit alone offers you 225 tricks, including svengali card deck, wizard stripper deck, phantom marked deck, vanishing card case, magic card box, and many more. 

The downloadable content, made of eight magic ebooks on a secret webpage, boosts the number of tricks to 700 or even a thousand tricks. 

It’s Amazon’s highest-rated in the magic kits and accessories categories for a reason. 


  • Up to a thousand tricks.
  • 8 illustrated instructions manual.


  • No props.
  • Not suitable for children younger than 8 years old.

The Amazing Magical Wonder Deck: Best on Budget

Mr. Mysterio, a world-renown magician, died in 1936 and left his secrets especially for you. It’s a standard card deck with everything you need for hundreds of different tricks. 

The deck contains a 52-Card Marked Tapered Deck plus 16 Trick Cards. There are also some extras; 4 kings that transform into queens, a “vanishing” eight of diamonds, a “punctured” ace of clubs, two-sided cards and blank cards. 

There’s nothing else you need for your card tricks. They’re versatile and flexible making the cards as well as the box last for a long time. 

Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable magic card decks on the market, making it accessible to everyone. 


  • Affordable.
  • Unique cards.


  • A limited number of tricks.
  • No props.

Mega Magic Kit for Kids: Best for Kids

Mega Magic Kit is one of the most child-friendly kits on the market. It’s suitable for children six years or older. 

Also, it offers more props than any other kit. Sword Penetrates glass, Mystery Dice, Magic Wand, and Finger Chopper are only some of the few props your child can enjoy in this kit, along with the card deck of course.

Besides, there’s a step-by-step DVD as well as an instruction manual made especially for kids. 

Last and foremost, I was quite impressed by their extraordinary customer service with a 30-day return policy. Therefore, your purchase is technically risk-free. 


  • Props.
  • Child-friendly. 
  • DVD manual.
  • Customer Service.


  • The limited number of card tricks.

BrilliantMagic Easy Magic Tricks Kit for Young Magician: Most Affordable 

Brilliant Magic is a jack of all trades. No wonder it’s Amazon’s choice.

 It works for children 6 years and older. It has props and a great card deck. It also comes in different colors, catering to every taste.

Although it doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary, it offers everything for the most affordable price on the market. 

Brilliant Magic starts with easy tricks that anyone can figure out and builds its way up to challenging ones that leave everyone in awe mixed with confusion. 


  • Economical.
  • Props.
  • Child-friendly.
  • Different levels of difficulty. 


  • Not especially durable. 

Before Buying an Easy Magic Card Tricks Set 

There are some factors you might want to consider before buying a magic card set. These criteria will make all the difference in your choice.

Age of Aspiring Illusionist 

All of the kits have choking hazards and shouldn’t be used under the age of six. However, some of them are more child-friendly than others.

It’s usually mentioned right there in the description whether it’s for kids or adults. These kits vary in difficulty levels, illustration methods, and props. 

Props and Card Tricks

Are you going for a full magic show or just a quick card trick at a party? A lot of magic kits offer props as well. But unfortunately, most of them look childish. 

I believe props are very important if the set is for your child as they help him/her feel assertive and perform more confidently. 

However, if it’s for you, look carefully for sets offering props for adults and check the review for the durability of these sets. 

Moreover, you have to look up the number of tricks your kit offers. Some offer 100 and some offer up to 1000 tricks. Think about the level you want to do and your budget beforehand and pick accordingly. 


Consider the way you or your kid learn best. Are you a visual learner or do you learn by reading? 

If you prefer visual illustrations, some kits offer DVD tutorials that come along with the card deck. Others provide illustrated instruction manuals and step-by-step guides. 

The Verdict 

Magic is fascinating. And practicing it changes your perspective on many things with the side benefit of looking insanely cool. 

My favorite easy magic card tricks deck easily is Jim Stott’s card kit. It’s the best option for any magician wannabe. It offers a thousand tricks and has something for everyone. 

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, I’d recommend The Amazing Magical Wonder Deck. It offers great quality cards, both flexible and durable, but only for half the price of Jim Stott’s. 

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea about what it’s like in the magic world and how to navigate through it. 

Finding The Best Playing Cards for Magic

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Alright, magicians, gather around. We’ve got some important talk here.

We all know how card manipulation depends on sleight of hand techniques. With your audience up close and watching your every move, you need to be quick and light-handed. But here’s something you might not know: the cards you choose will factor in your performance.

So lay off your magic tricks for a bit, because we’ve got some work to do here. In this article, we’ll explore the best playing cards for magic.

Tune in! Our Top Ten Picks

Got a few tricks up your sleeve? Save them for later. Now, it’s all about the best playing cards for magic. It’s easy to be confused with the variety out there, after all. That’s why we’re here to help.

1.   Bicycle Playing Cards

It’s time to go back to the classics. A pack of bicycle playing cards is something that you can’t go wrong with.

The Bicycle brand has been doling out their creations since 1885. For more than a hundred years, these cards have been used by street magicians. It’s easy to see why.

There’s a reason they’re so popular. Affordable and durable, these cards are hard to refuse. They handle really well, in addition to having a decent air cushioned design. 

Your usual Bicycle deck has 52 playing cards, with two jokers and two additional ad cards. You’ve also got your first standard card stylized as the ace of spades. It’s a Bicycle trademark, after all.


  • High-quality cards
  • Affordable
  • Good air-cushioned design


  • Isn’t water-resistant 

2.   The Bee Playing Cards

This is another popular choice. These Bee playing cards are of good quality. You’ll notice the premium finish on this standard poker-size deck. It’s certainly not to be missed.

Here’s one thing you might want to note about these playing cards: they’re borderless. The lack of a border could make it harder to spot a marked card. Depending on the trick you’re performing, this little detail could help or harm you.


  • Slides smoothly, never sticks together
  • Long-lasting
  • Well-coated


  • Borderless

3.   Tally Ho Circle Back Playing Cards

For most of his career, Tally Ho was the deck that Harry Loryane preferred using. You might not be a renowned magician, but you can certainly learn from one.

There are no gimmicks to Tally Ho. A common fan-favorite, these cards simply get the job done. With a premium lined finish, these cards are of good quality. 

But looks matter too. Something you’ll certainly notice about them is the signature back design: a full fan circle on the back of each card.


  • Noticeably soft
  • Has smooth edges
  • Shuffles very easily


  • There’s a lack of custom colors

4.   Joyoldelf Cool Black Foil Poker Playing Cards

Listen, we’re all about style. Your performance shouldn’t only be good, but it should look good as well. Well, these glossy black cards will certainly catch some eyes. 

With their distinctive design, these cards will definitely attract curious onlookers. But their unique look will also attract you. Whether it’s natural sunlight or lamplight, you’ll notice the brilliant gleam.

Looks are only surface-deep. Special tech is a feature of these cards. The pattern has an advanced high-temperature laser hot-stamping technology.


  • Water-resistant
  • Washable 
  • Very long-lasting
  • Durable


  • Can be hard to deal; too much friction between cards

5.   SolarMatrix Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

The classy packaging will pull you toward these cards. The gold and black design is a huge win-over, no doubt. But the good quality will keep you.

Dull-edged, these cards help prevent unneeded finger cuts. But that’s not their only feature.

If you’ve used any type of card for a while, you probably know how easy it is for oil and dirt to build up. Do you handle them every day? Then all of that will build up even faster. 

Your deck will wear down quickly. But these cards will give a smooth shuffling experience. You won’t have a problem dealing them either. 


  • Shimmery black-and-gold design
  • Unbendable
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible


  • It may be difficult to read the character on the black diamond decks

6.   EAY Gold Diamond Luxury Playing Cards 

These cards are no joke. Gold-colored, you’ll immediately notice their glossy gleam. 

Made of high-grade plastic materials, these cards are quite durable. They’re also made with gold foil and refraction texture. You’ll notice it under intense lighting.

Now, you might notice that these cards aren’t the easiest to read. It’s well-expected, since they’re reflective gold cards. But they make up for it with easy shuffling and dealing. Plus, the attention you’ll get with these cards will make it worth it.


  • Materials are eco-friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Hand-washable


  • Characters aren’t always very visible

7.   Joyoldelf Creative Playing Cards

Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), these cards are incredibly smooth. You’ll notice that they never stick together.

Pull these cards out at beach or pool parties, and have no worries. Did some dirt build up on them? Just wash them. These cards are waterproof.

The patterns are also presented in different colors, like blue and red. This makes reading the cards so much easier. 


  • Good flexibility 
  • Very durable
  • Waterproof


  • Cards are difficult to bridge

8.   Monarch Playing Cards

Have you seen ‘Now You See Me’? It’s a good movie! 

You might have noticed Morgan Freeman with this Monarch card. It’s no surprise, since they have a distinctive vintage look with metallic gold accents.

These cards are all about detail. They feature custom artwork, including custom jokers, aces, and ad cards. 

They’re eco-friendly too. Made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) -certified paper, these cards are made to last. They’re strong, durable, and easier to shuffle than regular cards.

These cards are made by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). They’re prepared under Q1 standards, which means they have some of the best quality control technicians during production. You might have to think twice before letting your friends get their hands all over these cards.


  • Premium quality
  • Made on FSC-certified paper
  • Long-lasting
  • Very slippery


  • Isn’t waterproof
  • It costs more than your average cards

9.   Ellusionist Bicycle Black Ghost Playing Cards – 2nd Edition

Elegant and simple, it’s no wonder that magicians favor these cards. 

You see, the original Black Ghost deck was highly exclusive. It wasn’t available to the common masses. It entered the market by private sale. Being used for special promotions only, it was gifted to professional magicians such as David Blaine and Banachek.

With a great hand feel, you’ll have no trouble handling these cards. They also deviate from the usual air cushion finish we’ve gotten used to from the USPCC. Instead, these cards have a performance coating.


  • Has a slippery finish
  • Joker card has a unique design
  • They handle incredibly well


  • Can easily get worn out

10. Gent Supply Mythical Creatures – Black Silver & Gold Edition Playing Cards

Do we have any readers interested in mythology here? Well, these cards have a bit of a mythical flair to them. This custom deck features creatures from Norse, Greek, East Asian, and Egyptian mythology. 

Made of PVC plastic, this deck is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about any drinks spilling over. Get your friends, get your drinks, and get your cards. It’s time to show off your new tricks.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Can be a little difficult to shuffle

History of Card Magic

The exact origins of card magic are unknown. All we can say with confidence is that it dates back to the 14th century, when playing cards was common.

However, many believe that card magic began with an Italian magician named Giovanni Giuseppe Pinetti. He’s the first known magician to perform card magic in a theatre in front of an audience. One of the most prominent magicians of the 18th century, he largely pioneered card magic.

In 1902, S.W Erdnase wrote a book about card manipulation. It’s called Artifice, Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table: A Treatise on the Science and Art of Manipulating Cards. It’s now one of the most carefully studied works ever published written about card manipulation.

During the 20th century, card magic became popular among magicians and non-magicians alike. Even renowned director Orson Welles couldn’t resist performing a card trick every now and then.


It’s time to pick your playing cards. You might not think it’s that important, but you should trust us on this one. Looks go a long way, that’s for sure. But the quality of these cards could hugely affect your performance.

Maybe you’re still a little confused about the best playing cards for magic. Well, why not go for the classic? Bicycle Playing Cards is an excellent choice. These cards are good-quality cards, with good value for money. But they’re not water-resistant. 

In this case, the Joyoldelf Cool Black Foil Poker Playing Cards is a good option to consider. They’re waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. 

In the end, a good magician is a good magician. Whatever choice you’ll go with, you’ll be sure to impress your audience.

New Orleans Voodoo Love Spells

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Is love in the air?  Maybe it’s time to help things along with a little bit of magic of the New Orleans love spells.  These amazing gifts and guides can bring love to your life or to someone you know.

The world needs more love and you will thoroughly enjoy learning about how to use the power of New Orleans Voodoo love spells and the spectacularly scented love candles. Browse these amazing items and see for yourself what others have said about making the voodoo magic love spells come to life.

Learn the Origin: The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook

Get yourself caught up on the everything you would want to know about the origin of New Orleans voodoo with this great handbook.  Learn about the New Orleans love spells, candle magic, oils, spirit dolls and the colorful history that made New Orleans famous for voodoo and all the spirituality that still exists in this exciting part of the world. 

Learning about the origins of New Orleans voodoo magic will no doubt excite you for your journey into the world of magic and love spells.  How did New Orleans become the place that is now known more for Mardi Gras than anything, yet it was (and still is) the heart of an incredibly strong Wiccan and magical culture?  This is your guide to where it all came from.

Voodoo: The Secrets of Voodoo from Beginner to Expert ~ Everything You Need to Know about Voodoo Religion, Rituals, and Casting Spells

Voodoo magic is at your fingertips with this exciting guide. Jump right into chapter 9 to see where the voodoo love spells begin, but don’t forget to read fully and carefully to prepare yourself and your environment for the best possible results.

This book is designed for voodoo magic practitioners at many levels which makes it a must-have for your bookshelf. Read and study and then put these exciting spells into practice. Be careful as always with how you use this amazing magic. It’s a great gift and a great responsibility!

Wicca Book of Candle Spells: A Beginner’s Book of Shadows for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Practitioners of Candle Magic

Are you just getting started with Wiccan candle magic and in search of love? You’re in luck! No matter your skill level or history of Wiccan magical arts, this guide will get you up and going.

Not only is this book a bargain, but it’s a quick read and easy study for you to start with. By combining the magical power of fire with the spectacular power of colors, this guide will show you a variety of spells to do everything from increasing your luck, finding a job, protection spells, and of course, finding love. Combine this amazing book with some of the candles shown below and you will have love in the air in no time!

May the beauty of the color red bring you love and joy!

Love & Attraction 8 oz Soy Spell Candle for Romance & Relationships Wiccan Pagan Hoodoo

Candle magic will become a favorite for you as you put your love of magic into making magic to find love! Not only is this a beautifully designed and scented candle, but paired with the magical spells you will learn with all the books we’ve shared here and you will have the power of voodoo love spells at your fingertips.

Wiccan magic is such an enjoyable practice and has a storied history. The scents of this lovely candle are waiting for you to fill your life with love and joy.

Art of the Root Come to Me 7 Day Soy Spell Candle (Fixed) for Love, Romance, Attraction, Dating & Relationships (Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo, Magick)

The scent of love begins with this amazing candle. Light and enjoy as you combine this lovely scented candle with the magic of all the spells you conjure from the guides above. Whether you’re just getting started and learning all about the rituals and practices or you have jumped straight into the magic and candles and Wiccan love spells and more, this candle will make a great addition for you.

Start Here and Find Love

These are just a few resources to get you started. Learn and practice with care and you will find yourself reliving and recreating the magic of New Orleans Voodoo love spells and much more. There is a reason that history of New Orleans is so rich with voodoo magic and stories upon stories of the practices and methods that have made that city such a center of love and excitement even to this day.

Magic and spells contained in these books and in the lovely and magical scents of these candles will inevitably put love in the air in your future. There is so much fun and enjoyment in discovering both the history and practice of magic spells. Now is your chance to see and feel the results for yourself.

Best Card Trick Books – Use Them to Leave Everyone in Awe

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Whether you’ve always had a passion for magic tricks or you’re looking to get started, you’ll find a book that suits you on the list. Below are 4 of the best card trick books to help you increase the number of tricks you have up your sleeve. 

Our Top 4 Picks for the Best Card Trick Books

You probably wouldn’t become the next Houdini with those books, but you’ll surely blow away whoever you meet. 

Budget Pick: Royal Road Card Magic

Back in 1949 Jean Hugard and Frederick Brauѐ collaborated on writing this book for beginners. Since it was made over 60 years ago, you may face some trouble with the wording. If that’s inconvenient for you, there may be other modern alternatives written in modern fashion.

Things We Like

  • Over 120 helpful illustrations
  • Budget-friendly
  • A wide variety of tricks

Things We Don’t Like 

  • The old writing style may make it hard to understand sometimes

Advanced Techniques: Expert Card Technique

This is another card trick book published by Jean Hugard and Frederick Brauѐ in 1940. It’s mainly for people with at least a little bit of background on card tricks. That’s why it includes only a few illustrations, considering you’re already experienced. 

Things We Like 

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Goes over simple and complex tricks
  • Detailed descriptions

Things We Don’t Like

  • You may take some time to fully understand complex tricks
  • It may be hard to read for visual learners

Best for Beginners: Self Working Tricks

Karl Fulves compiled this list of tricks back in 1974. They’re self-working tricks that are great for amateurs since they require no experience from the magician. So, no hand sleights or trickery are involved. This is because the tricks are based on mathematical calculations, which make them foolproof. 

Things We Like 

  • Fixed procedures make it easy for anyone to execute
  • Detailed explanation
  • Budget-friendly

Things We Don’t Like  

  • Few illustrations

Editor’s Pick: Joshua Jay’s Amazing Book Cards

Did you think we wouldn’t include a book made in the 2000s?

As you can tell, this is a more modern book. Apparently, the book was written by Joshua Jay, a world-renowned magician, who was named the ‘magician of the year’ in 2012. His book offers 53 tricks all explained in detail, allowing you to learn the tricks quickly and easily.

Things We Like 

  • DVD included for a video explanation
  • Easy to follow directions
  • Detailed instructions
  • Variety of tricks
  • Budget-friendly.

Things We Don’t Like 

  • Experienced magicians may not benefit as much as beginners

The History of Card Tricks 

Playing cards themselves originated from Europe in countries like Spain, Italy, and France. With them, came card tricks, which were used by gamblers to increase their chances of winning. The earliest mention of card tricks was in 1408 somewhere in Paris in unofficial records. While the first actual written record of performance was in the 15th Century. 

By the time the 18th century rolled around, Giovanni Giuseppe Joseph Pinetti introduced card trick magic into theaters and brought the art to life with vibrant performances. He toured many countries, amazing audiences all over the world. By doing so, he introduced card trick magic around the globe.

By the 19th century, the world was struck by two of the most influential magicians, namely, Jean Eugene Robert Houdin and Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser. They contributed greatly to the rise of card magic and other famous forms of trickery today. 

The number of magicians grew massively over the years and the dangers of the stunts pulled were amplified. That’s because to shine in this competitive world, you need original ideas that will have the audiences on the edge of their seats. 

A modern Magician, Criss Angel, does just that. He performs extremely dangerous stunts for audiences in public. These stunts were filmed on his TV show ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’. 

Technology and Magic 

Technology is great, there’s no denying that, but when it comes to magic, technology may not be of great help. 

Televisions, cameras, and satellites give us the opportunity to watch magic tricks from the comfort of our own homes, sure. However, do you ever stop and wonder if what you’re watching on TV is fabricated? There are many ways in which the magician could manipulate technology to his own benefit. 

The easiest of all is camera angles. By controlling the angle, he controls what you see too. To avoid this, a magician won’t be alone on screen. To increase their authenticity, they surround themselves with audiences to show you, the viewer, that camera angles aren’t part of the trick at all. 

At the end of the day, they’re tricksters. So don’t put it past magicians to use any means necessary to trick you into believing what they want you to believe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Learn Card Tricks?

There is no easy way to learn card tricks. Each person learns efficiently in a different way. You may prefer to watch videos, or if you’re a reader you should check out some of the books we’ve mentioned.

However, having someone physically present teach you, could be very beneficial. You could always ask them to repeat and explain in a different way for more clarity.

What Is the Easiest Card Trick?

Again, this is subjective. You may find that self-working tricks are easier if you’re more into mathematics and strict procedures. While if you have slick hands, you may find tricks that rely on sleights of the hand easier for you. This doesn’t mean that there are no easy tricks that everyone can do, though.  

Wrap Up 

Most of us have a trick or two up our sleeves to impress family and friends. But, when you’re done with them you have nothing else to offer. 

We think that Joshua Jay’s Amazing Book Cards will enable you to keep the show going as much as you want. This book is great not only because of its easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions but also because of the included DVD.

Another budget-friendly option could be the Royal Road Card Magic. It’s great for beginners and offers a great variety of tricks. 

Magic is art, and art needs practice. Be patient with your skills and they’ll grow eventually.

The 5 Best Easy Card Magic Products and Their Reviews

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you a fan of magic shows and the mischievous, yet seemingly, easy magic card tricks magicians play to bring awe to their audience? Well, magic shows are a great thing as they get all of you sentimental in a huge gathering but don’t worry you can have all the fun of magic shows at your home too with these magic card products we are going to introduce you with. 

Before getting acquainted with easy magic card tricks, let us create hype for you and tell you if tricky magic is a thing of substance, then why precisely!

Tricky magic is an art form and a source of entertainment loved and adored by the general public because of the suspicion and fun that it develops for them. It was back in the 19th century when magic tricks started receiving appreciation from the public. In the current times, from every TV show to get-togethers, from theater performances to parties, magic tricks have carved their invincible place. Everyone around us gets mesmerized by the magic tricks. 

Why is the general public very drawn towards magic?

1# People always find themselves going after something which has no logical explanation

Psychologists find it to be human nature that they always get excited when something doesn’t make sense to them. The human minds keep on thinking over all the aspects which are mysterious to them. Just when you were born you used to feel happy and inquisitive when someone clapped, even toys used to get you astonished. Now when you don’t pretty comprehend what the magician is up to and how the magic tricks work, you feel baffled and mesmerized. We try to come up with an explanation which we usually don’t find, this is what keeps us attracted and stuck towards the art of magic.

2# Everybody likes feeling wondered

It is in human nature to like seeing amazing things happen. When actions take place beyond our comprehension we keep on thinking about them for so long. Deep somewhere in our hearts, we want to believe that the prospect of magic is for real even the literate and people with better intellect believe that magic is something that can make the unbelievable things happen.

3# Always when we get to know about the trick we take a sigh of relief

When the secret of the trick is revealed upon us, we take a breath full of relief and feel at home. 

How magic cards are something of importance for us all?

Magic cards bring us together and we all become capable of having a good time with the joy of gaming.

What can you do with a box of the game?

Consider buying a box of the card out of accident or through mere fascination to see what it actually contains. Now you are thinking about what to do with it. Here we have a few ideas which you can attempt doing:

1) Gift these to your fellows

2) Learn card gaming for becoming a ripe and professional gamer

3) Amaze your pals with the magic tricks that only you know.

We present in front of you few magic cards which can convert you into a magician within no time. 

Number 5 – Magic Makers 100 Card Tricks Kit Includes Marked Deck & Svengali Trick Deck

A huge number of cards to make the game more interesting:

We have placed this easy magic card tricks box on the number five and we have a marvelous reason for that. This pack contains more than a number of 100 cards within. This means that the number of gamers is not finite but all the people you have ever known and want to include in this gaming activity can join you. 

You can play with them all the stupefying tricks and spend a beautiful time together. This card game stupendously structures a whole gathering for you in remarkable ways. When the gathering gets big it does not only restrain to the activity of cards but widens towards jokes and beautiful conversations too.

Suits people from every age

The card gaming is not supposed to be played only by one age group, but it is something that people from every single age group might enjoy. The young bees who are attempting to play it for the first time will feel the same level of excitement and bliss as the older players who have efficiency and more refined skill. All the people regardless of their age and expertise will have a really good time while playing with these magic cards as they take the entertainment and excitement to a higher level. 

An educational source for you

These easy magic card tricks are not restricted only to the sake of entertainment but it is a complete package where you also get a magnificent learning experience. Where you enjoy the game in your spare time, it also teaches you various tactics and helps your mind in its growth.

Comes with a CD to guide you with the gaming manners

If you haven’t been a card gamer before and lack the sufficient knowledge of playing this game marvelously, then you don’t need to feel left out. Inside the pack of Magic Makers 100 card tricks, there is a CD present for you which helps you in getting informed with all the procedures of efficacious gaming. While playing, you would not bother your comrades to teach you how to play this game as you can just play this CD and know everything that you need to. regarding this fascinating magic game.

Number 4 – Automatic Magic Deck Trick Marked Cards – Everything Needed for Doing Instant Magic Secretly Knowing Every Card in the Deck

New sort of secrecy inside the box waiting only for you

Something is awaiting you inside the easy magic card tricks box that would help in maintaining your excitement level. Yeah, you are right! All those cards which are the best spare time and the most impeccable luxury are waiting to mesmerize you. But there is something more beyond that, it is the new form of marking system exclusive to the cards of this box alone. 

Where all the other card games have a typical marking system, we bring a brilliant renovation for you.

You know about every card without having a glimpse

These cards don’t require to be seen for getting recognized. Due to the new sort of numbering that comes along it, you can identify the card without really looking at its face. So now this is something which augments the level of fun and satisfaction brought along the package of cards. When there is something new for you to get amazed at, it ultimately doubles and triples that gaming fascination.

New ways of controlling cards of this pack

The most exciting part of this card game along with the satisfaction that they bring is the authority you get for toiling with all these cards just through your fingers. You control cards, lead them and try to win. Isn’t it so exciting and attention-grabbing that you do all that stupendous card magic by simply touching them?

As the game of cards requires skills from you, you can identify the location of the card by developing those tricks. When the box of the card contains new features inside, it becomes a more prompting task to learn quickly and efficiently. 

A brilliant combination of magic deck and trick marked cards

There are different sorts of cards in the box which all together bring great amazement to the game. Two most renowned cards are “trick marked cards” and the “magic deck”. These two have totally different purposes in the game. But here we got both of them combined just to revitalize this spectacular game with new modifications, techniques, and rules.

Number 3 – Magic Makers Ultimate Card Magic Kit – Your Toolbox for Card Tricks

DVD as your brilliant card game tutor

So you have brought this easy magic card tricks package and now you are contemplating how to get started with the game. Well, you don’t have to worry any further as this box contains all the mesmerizing magic tricks along with a DVD which would brilliantly teach you how to play the card game and will teach you each and every step of it. 

Free material inside

With plenty of decks present inside, you get the opportunity of playing all the mesmerizing tricks. What distinguishes this pack of cards from all the others is that it contains a Pro Band Stripper Deck which takes the fun of the game to the next level as new spectacular tricks make their way into the game.

A huge range of card moves obtained

Now that you have so many easy magic card tricks inside the pack you can enjoy playing this game for a huge deal of time. No matter whether you are a beginner level player or someone who has expertise in gaming, all of you can enjoy the magnanimous tricks that come in the box. Over around 170 card moves are granted to you with this pack. To all the beginners out there, we would like to say that you will find the correct level of gaming for you only through this pack of cards.

Everyone can enjoy the game

There are some card games in the market that ask for great thoughts and efforts before precisely getting learned by an individual. In these sorts of packs, the beginner level gamers always suffer irrationally. But here we introduce in front of you Magic Makers Ultimate Card Magic Kit, this box of cards contain tricks that can wonderfully be known by the players of every age group and every expertise level.

Become a pro at gaming

These tricks are not just locally made but behind the manufacture of this card game are the hands of great magicians. They want to bring fun into your life that’s how they develop all this mesmerizing stuff. With Simon Lovell’s assistance, you can learn the tactics of this game step by step and become a professional gamer eventually.

Number 2 – Invisible Deck Trick by Magic Makers – Red or Blue

The invisible deck is a part of this pack

The invisible deck is a great gaming component that brings more amazement and zing into your game. Unlike some other card games in the market, this box doesn’t consist of boring typical cards only, but it has new and more fascinating cards for you which appropriately increase your attention towards the game and keep you glued to the game for hours on end.

Receive the magical training online

You can become a learned and professional card gamer just through some online training. Stream online videos and get to know the pretty tricks and ways that can convert you into an exceptional gamer. 

These easy magic card tricks videos will teach you all the stuff that any basic level gamer should be acquainted of. All those impeccable card game professionals know the best techniques which you can learn if only you apply concentration.

Enjoy Invisible Deck Illusion with this pack

With the easy magic card tricks present in this pack, you can experience a different form of the game. The most uplifting among them which gets the audience awe-inspired in Deck illusion.

Number 1 – Jim Stott’s ‘Ultimate Card Magic Kit, Magic Tricks Set for Adults, Svengali Card Deck, Phantom Marked Deck, The Wizard Stripper Deck, Vanishing Card Case, The Magic Card Box, and More

A necessity for all the great magicians

Inside this magic box of easy magic card tricks, you are going to find everything for which you have ever waited in terms of fascinating magic stuff. Here you have a large quantity of awe-inspiring and soul touching tricks packed which would definitely amaze the audience. If you want to play it solely for your own fun or for some friend, you can do that too. 

If you have newly ventured into the magical universe of card games, you need to not hesitate. You can learn these stupefying game tricks very immediately with the DVDs inside. In those DVDs, there are videos of the professional magicians giving tutorials on the methods of playing these card games. Let’s embrace yourself with a new sort of fun and enjoyment through this.

The videos are not just from some random guy who himself knows nothing about brilliant styled gaming, but these videos contain all the leading professionals of the world of magic have made tutorials to teach you abundant magical techniques. 

This isn’t about just enjoying but with this card game, you get a befitting learning experience too.

A perfect fit for all people of all the ages

No matter if you are a 15-year-old teenager, who has brought this game when he knows little about the techniques, or a person with full ripe age. These easy magic card tricks game could be enjoyed by everyone from every age group as magic learning doesn’t come with an age restriction. 

Human beings belonging to all the age groups get attracted to this card game. Even though toddlers can get a good time with these. Actually magic has such an aura that attracts everybody, the magical tactics keep astonished everyone no matter how educated they are. When you masterfully changes the whole card deck, everyone will be mesmerized. This astonishment is what keeps them glued to the game. 

Learning this brilliant game is very easy and when you have successfully learned the game for inspiring your friends, family, and colleagues, you can have a rather blissful time to spend with them.

You can learn them with great ease

The only thing that annoys the people when they have successfully bought the pack of cards is that they would have to invest the energy into learning the gaming techniques. This card game is very easy so you don’t have to churn up in the constant worries. This kit contains all the great magic tricks which look pretty professional from their outer core but learning them is very easy. 

In case you are not up for learning the magical techniques through a video, you still have typed learning instructions inside the book which you can read and get all the great card game tactics embellished in you.

What they have special for you?

This is the most beatific card game box we have ever come to see. It contains all the various kinds of cards and tools. Some to mention are the phantom marked deck, vanishing card case, svengali card deck among all the gazillion others. With this card game, you become a professional player within no time.

Summing it up!

Magic tricks are something that attracts the attention of every individual regardless of age group, school of thought or any specific cultural background. They bring people together and allow them to have some time which they can enjoy. 

Magic trick cards are one amazing gaming and magic experience. In this article, we have assembled five best card tricks which will help you in becoming a professional magician within little time.

Ultimate Starter’s Guide to Trick Card Decks

Every card magician has some favorite tricks which will inevitably include specific trick decks that help to make it happen.

These three decks are core components in many card and close up magic acts and also great ways for newcomers to card magic to expand your trick repertoire very quickly.

Stripper Deck (aka stripped/tapered deck)

A gently tapered cut on the card gives this popular deck a versatile and fun feature. This makes it super simple for you to have your audience member have their selected card found with ease no matter where it is in the deck. There are many exciting tricks that can be done with the use of the stripper deck.

If you’ve ever wondered how an easily extracted card suddenly slid out of a shuffled deck, you may be watching a stripper deck at work. The magic of using a stripper deck is that you can put int the hands of an audience member and it’s undetectable unless they flip the cards (which nobody ever does because it’s not natural to do that).

There are lots of options for styles and colors. The best thing to do is to stick with one that is the same brand and style as other regular decks you want to use in your routine. Nobody will be able to know how you did it as easy as you do!

Marked Deck

Use the power of your mind to psychically detect a card without seeing the face…Ok, that’s not actually real. Using a marked deck let’s the crafty magician or card hobbyist use a quick glance of a nearly hidden mark in the design of the card back to know precisely what card lies on the other side.

This takes practice for recognition but you’ll be wowing your audience in no time as you quickly call out their card as if you had x-ray vision! Many standard bicycle decks or the very popular blue and red cohort decks will give you an option for marked backs. It’s so subtle to the audience member, but for the magician, it will stand out like a sore thumb with practice and make you seem like a true magician with mind control.

Svengali Deck

This nifty deck gives you an excellent effect by letting the magician choose a selected card at random with a quick riffle from the front and no matter where you stop, the selected card is super easy to find. These wicked cool cards are actually cut to very slightly different lengths so that even face up, the riffle shows all the cards are different. Simply choose the card below your selected stop point and it will always be the one you need! (hint: be careful you don’t fan this deck or your secret will be revealed)

Using Svengali and stripper decks is super fun and makes the routine exciting as you blend tricks and wow the audience with uncanny predictions of positioning and pulling out cards with an unbelievable ease right in front of their eyes. If you play your cards right (see what I did there?) then you can also pick up some bonus tuck boxes and stickers and reseal your decks for the ultimate in surprise as your audience member unseals the “new” deck and then you go to work with wowing them time and time again.