Magic Tricks for Kids Step by Step

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Magic tricks are fun to learn and watch for both adults and kids. However, for children, it’s more than just fun. Learning these little tricks help build your child’s confidence and make them more capable of handling the audience.

In the sections below we will walk you through the best magic sets available. Then, we will present you with some magic tricks for kids step by step.

Our Top 5 Picks for Magic Tricks for Kids

Here’s a roundup of the easiest magic starters! 

1- Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection

Let’s start off by diving into this pack of magic and fun. This box is full of tricks that will keep your kids engaged for hours. Melissa & Doug Magic presents us with this 10-piece magic set that will make your child feel like a pro! 

The set also comes with simple step-by-step instructions that your kid can easily keep track of. Kids as young as 4 years old can start enjoying this kit. 


  • High-quality materials 
  • Clear instructions
  • For kids as young as 4 years old


  •  A limited number of tricks
  • Tricks are not very unique

While this kit includes fewer props than others on the market, the reputation of the manufacturer makes you compromise the quantity over this supreme quality. 

2- MasterMagic Magic Kit

This kit is one of the most all-encompassing kits on the market. With more than 350 tricks inside the box, your kid will never run out of fun. 

We need to clarify that this doesn’t mean there are 350 pieces of tools inside the box. This number refers to the tools inside and to the tricks available in the e-books that come with the kit.

The kit is created to give kids starting from 5 years old an immersive experience into the endless world of magic.  


  • Good value for money
  • Variety of content


  • Instructions need parental guidance
  • More suitable for older kids

The kit also comes with what they call “secret magic club”. It’s a secret website that transports you to a world of additional tutorials and ideas.

3- Big Magic for Little Hands: 25 Astounding Illusions for Young Magicians

This huge book offers 25 magic tricks for kids ages 7 years old and up. The reputable magician and author, Joshua Jay, has filled the book with tricks that are properly introduced with step-by-step illustrations and tips. 

Joshua’s tricks are unique in the way they are simple yet witty. They are easy to carry out and are definitely kid-friendly. 


  • Tricks don’t require many tools
  • Includes drawings for better illustration


  • Suitable for older kids
  • A limited number of tricks

While the content of the book is impressive enough, we can’t ignore the design factor. With the vintage-looking cover, oversized text and black-and-white colors, the book will cast its spell upon you and make you fall in love with it instantly.

4- 101 Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks

Presented by the magician Bill Tarr, this book brings you all-time classic tricks such as The Chinese Rings and The Inexhaustible Hat.

Hands down our dearest feature in this book is the 400 illustrations that make the step-by-step instructions even more simple.

The book also includes a glossary of magic terms, notes on the props needed, and a heart-warming section that talks about the world’s most iconic magicians.


  • Variety of tricks
  • Clear instructions and illustrations


  • Suitable for older kids, 9 years old and up
  • Some users reported that tricks take time to set up

The experience and knowledge of Bill Tarr are clearly manifested in this book that part of his enthusiasm surely will cling to the reader. So be ready for a show that is sure to dazzle!

5-  Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set

All great magicians started with card tricks and went on to build their way up. This set has put together 50 card tricks that will leave you a master of this type of magic. 

This quality box will teach young magicians how to impress the audience with a regular deck. In addition to the 5 secret sets included in the box. The level of difficulty of tricks included vary from easy to hard to ensure that this box will last for long with your kid. 


  • Unique packaging
  • Varying levels of difficulty


  • Only card tricks
  • Suitable for older kids, 8 years old and above

In addition to the deck of cards and the 5 secret packs, the box also includes an instructions booklet. The clear guide walks you through everything you need to know to master the art of cards.

Introductory Tricks for Kids

Magic tricks are among the earliest forms of entertainment one has experienced. Magic is so popular because it defies what your mind knows to be true. It helps the mind evolve and expand. 

That’s important for a Kid. In fact, it’s so important that they get challenged from this young age. Magic tricks will teach them that there are things beyond what they know. More importantly, they can be the ones performing this magic!

Most of the tricks presented below are classic and simple to perform. All the material and tools needed are safe to use and you can easily find them around the house. However, for more tricks, we recommend that you check out our top pick MasterMagic Magic Kit.

1.   The Magic Tube

Since this trick employs real optical illusion, it’ll take more time to set up.

It’s a bit sophisticated, so even adults will take time to try and understand how it happened! You need the following tools: 2 card stocks, tissue, scissors, and tape. 


Use the scissors to cut your card stocks into rectangular shapes. 


Roll up the first card stock into a tube. Take the second card stock and roll it up in a more of a cone-shaped tube from one end.  


Put these tubes inside one another. Make sure that the more coned tube is the one on the inside.


Take the tissue and tuck it in between the 2 tubes. 


Now, your kid is standing in front of the audience and all they see is the hollow tube. On the count of 3, your kid will pull out the tissue from in between the tubes and everyone will just gasp in surprise.

2.    The Disappearing Coin

Back to coins, however, this time we only need one. For this trick, you need the following tools: A glass cup, card stock papers of the same color, glue, scissors, and a table. 


The most important rule here is to have 2 stock papers with the same color.

Take the first stock paper and stick it to the table. Use your scissors to cut out a circular piece of paper, from the second stock paper. This circular piece should perfectly fit the diameter of the cup. 


Use the glue to stick the circular paper to the cup, so that it acts more like a lid to the cup.


To carry out this trick put the coin on that table and just scoot the glass over, slyly, to tip up the coin. Because of the paper glued to the glass, everyone will see that the coin has disappeared. 

Take the glass back to its initial position, and there we find the coin again. 

3.   The Flying Card

To perform this trick you need a playing card and a piece of flexible plastic. This plastic piece can be found in any kind of packaging. You’ll also need a tape.


Cut the plastic to be an inch wide and the same length as the playing card. 


Stick the piece of plastic on the back of the card with the tape. Now you have a piece of plastic attached to the back of the card. 

When you flex that plastic piece, it bows out and causes the card to rise. That’s the trick.


Put the card on the palm of the kid’s hand. Have one edge of the plastic placed at the base of the hand and the other edge of the plastic placed under the fingers. Now, the plastic should be properly gripped in the hand. 

Now let your kid slowly close the palm, and you’ll see the card rising as the kid pushes the thumb in and the fingers in. 

This hand movement bows the plastic causing the card to pop up. When you slowly open the hand, the card should return back and rest on the hand palm. 


Magic is attractive because it allows the kids to see unexpected things, it’s also trendy. So, no doubt your kids and their friends will love to put up a show. While all these tricks sound easy, it requires a lot of precision from your side.

Make sure to keep sharp objects, such as scissors, away from them. Also, keep all the tools and pieces of the trick free from sharp edges so they won’t get hurt. 

You’ll find many similar tricks and ideas in the MasterMagic Magic Kit. So, even if your kid has mastered the tricks we mentioned above, there are always new ones to learn!

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