Love spells to get ex back

This is the most easiest and simple spell that you can use to get back your ex love, it can be an ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend also. For this you will need some belongings of your ex love, it can be any thing like a piece of shirt, hair, any thing.

If you have hair then it’s the best thing that can be used for the spell. You may take your hair and your ex hair. Then you may take little clay and make a small balls, like this you will have to make 40 small balls. Then every day you will have to burry one ball outside the house of your ex in such a way that he should pass on it, like you may burry outside the house so that your ex can pass through it. Every day you will have to burry one ball for 40 days. And in the evening you may say your ex name 200 times and keep in your mind that he should come to you. After 40 days you may get some good news