Love spell reviews

I am so eager to let you all know that this is my first review and guess what, I am pretty much excited about it.  The product that I am going to review today is “Love Spell” body mist from Victoria’s Secret. Oh yes, and it was gifted to me from my mother and I was so happy to receive it.  I cannot resist letting you all know that this VS body mist is the best body mist I have ever used so far. Every little thing about this product makes me feel as if I am on the seventh heaven and many of you ladies will definitely agree with me after using it.

My Take on Love Spell Fragrance Mist:

Ladies! Hold on your breath. This VS mist is actually going to cast a love spell on you and everyone else around you. This splendid product has the fragrance of cherry blossom and peach. Wow, this name itself suggests how refreshing and irresistible it smells.

I just couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with this product. The very first time when I used this, it actually made me feel so special. Its fragrance not being too sweet has got a hint of spiciness into it and guess what ladies, it becomes a refreshing and a sensual experience altogether.  It smells so fruity and juicy as if you have had a bath with some fruit juice. I cannot resist from applying it each day. The moment you apply, it makes you feel cool, calm and composed. The staying power is good if applied decently.  I have a habit of applying the mist over my wrists, neck, behind the ears, etc., which makes it last longer. So again, thumbs up for that, especially when you are hanging out in the hot summers.

Now, let’s talk about its packaging. Considering that it is packed in a sturdy plastic bottle and not a glass bottle, yet it appears classy and sophisticated to me. Not to forget its plastic closure being tight enough, eventually makes it an user-friendly product which will definitely count when you are outdoors carrying it with you. So, thumbs up for that! Considering that I reside in India, and knowing the fact that Victoria’s secret is not available here, I wouldn’t mind buying it online, once I am done with this current bottle, because I swear it is worth a purchase.