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Rose Magic: Roses On My Altar

Rose Magic: Roses On My AltarThere’s nothing like a red rose for a love spell – or a sacrifice, for that matter.

Here’s an example of magic with roses, using the magic of roses for romantic purposes, sexy purposes and in general, to really give a lift to the whole incarnation …

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How To Break A Love Spell

How To Break A Love SpellBrandon wrote: “I am sure a girl has cast a love spell on me. How can I break the spell/break out/break free from a love spell?” Well, that’s probably the No.1 spell that witches sell, the world over – the good old love spell when someone suffers from unrequited love pains and doesn’t know what else to do. Find out what to do.

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The THANK YOU SpellA heart felt THANK YOU is one of the most powerful blessings. Here is the “Thank You” spell. Practice this often, do this often. It has powerful positive effects on your incarnation.

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The Love Spell To Become More Love-able And To Be Loved: The HEART STAR Spell

The Love Spell To Become More Loveable And To Be Loved: The HEART STAR SpellStar fields writes: Today, someone asked: “How can I change everyone to love me using love spells?” This is a common request we receive here. “I need a spell to be more love able!” – “Do you have a spell so I can find love?” – “Is there a spell to be more popular?”

Yes, there is – THE STAR SPELL. It’s a proper energy magic white light spell, not a fantasy. If you really want more love in your life, here it how you do that …

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The Best Book On Love Spells – EVER.

The Best Book On Love Spells - EVER.Have you ever tried to cast a love spell and it wasn’t working? Well, here’s an end to all of that. We have a brand new book on love spells, 2015, for modern people – and without any candles, herbs, or anything other than your heart, mind and soul!

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Soul Love Potion – Drink Me

This energy magic Soul Love potion has a fun origin – an Xtra Magic subscriber mailed in and asked how much of the Gypsy Rose Love Potion one should drink before love comes into one’s life. Ooops! In the olden days, love potions were made to be given to an intended, so they would marry you … Three drops, at that …

However, that gave me the idea for a love potion you can drink yourself. More love is always better than less love!

*Update – Looking for a magic potion to find my soul mate? Yes, this one is the one!

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Spell To Get A Girl Out Of My Hair

Spell To Get A Girl Out Of My HairJosh wrote and asked: There’s this girl in my class who is in love with me, following me around and always making eyes at me. My friends are laughing at me. What spell can I use to get this girl out of my tail?

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He Is Avoiding Me – I Need A Spell

He Is Avoiding Me - I Need A SpellDanny from Canada wrote, “There is this boy in my school and we had a great time one night together, it was amazing.

The next day, he totally ignored me and avoided me.

I’m upset – I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Did I say something? Am I not pretty enough? Is there something wrong with me? I need a spell!”

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Spell To Heal My Friend’s Broken Heart

Spell To Heal My Friend's Broken HeartI’ve received a request for a healing spell for a friend who is heartbroken because of love pain.

That’s really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Doing a loving heart healing spell for another person is a wonderful gift. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. Beautiful spell, only two ingredients – your intention and your love.

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Magic Spells To Bring My Ex Back

Magic Spells To Bring My Ex BackNow I get a lot of spell requests, but the one single spell most requested above all is “What spell do I use to get my Ex back?” I’ve always been dubious about this but there is a way to make these spells to get back those who have told you they don’t love you anymore (!) actually work – and also, why they generally fail if you don’t know this.

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Catch A New Lover With DIY Magic!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! If you have a lover or a love interest, you’ll be sorted; but if you don’t, don’t be sad. Perhaps today is the day to do something about it; to find out if you’re ready for a new relationship. Here is an interesting take on catching a new partner using interior decoration in a magical way. Enjoy!

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Spell To Be Treated with Love, Respect, and Kindness.

Spell To Be Treated with Love, Respect, and Kindness.Elizabeth wrote: I need your help (Spell Request) This is why this spell is important to me.

* I feel I’m isolated, and want someone to love Me, caress Me, take care of Me.
* I know I’m a nice person . But I just want others to notice it.
* I want to receive the recognition I deserve.
* I want to awaken each morning with the feeling that I’m going to be treated with love, respect, and kindness.

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Love Attraction Ritual/Love Spell Using The Law Of Three

Love Attraction Ritual/Love Spell Using The Law Of ThreeBill wrote: I was enchanted by your entry about the law of three. Could you please however explain it in a way which is really really simple for someone who does not understand these things?

How does it apply, for example, to a love attraction ritual ( = to attract love in my life)?

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Cherry Blossom Love Potion For New Beginnings

Cherry Blossom Love Potion For New BeginningsWhen we think of a love potion, the first thought is rose, of course. Different kinds and different rose colors for different types of spells, like white rose for spiritual love, yellow rose for friendship, red rose for romance and so on. But there’s other things you can make a love potion out of, and cherry blossom, being one of the most powerfully romantic nature moments, makes a special kind of love potion that is quite unlike rose. This is a love potion for the oldest, and the youngest witches – a love potion for new beginnings.