Impress Your Friends With Cool Magic Tricks With Cards

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see a cool magic trick with cards?

Mastering card tricks can help you give a great first impression, or even win bets! However, you don’t need to master the skill to do amazing magic tricks.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the easiest magic tricks you can start doing as soon as you’re done reading. We’ll also recommend unique card kits that can help you through the journey.

So, let’s get started! 

Here Are Our Favorite Magic Tricks With Cards

Here, we’ll talk about every single magic trick, in detail, to help you fully understand how it’s performed.

1.   Amazing Aces

The observer takes the deck of cards and puts them into four piles. At the end of the trick, one ace should be observed on top of each pile.

How It’s Done

This is one of the tricks that need preparation.

  1. Before the trick starts, take the four aces and place them at the bottom of the deck.
  2. Give the deck to the observer. Ask him to place the cards, card by card, into four piles.
  3. There is no problem if the observer starts putting a few cards together into the same pile, but he must put the last 4 cards (the aces) in one pile each.
  4. You can guarantee this by simply asking him to deal the cards singularly.
  5. When the observer is done, ask him to turn over the top card of each pile to reveal the four aces.

2.   Pick a Card, Any Card

This one is a classic trick. Here, you offer the cards to a spectator and ask him to choose a card. After he observes the card, the spectator is asked to return the card into the deck. You’ll then look through the deck and easily identify his card.

How It’s Done

  1. Before the trick begins, you must divide the cards into two halves (black and red), and then put them over each other.
  2.  While the spectator is picking his card, you must note whether his pick was from the black or the red pile.
  3.  Make sure that when the spectator returns the card back, he returns it to the opposite half.
  4.  You can easily identify his pick by looking for his card in the half containing the different color.

3.   Blind Three Card Monte

Firstly, you must remove the queen of hearts and the two black aces from the deck, and place them face up in front of the spectator.

You should turn your back until the spectator chooses a card. When you return to him, you’ll guess which card he picked without any further action.

How It’s Done

  1. Place the cards face up as follows: Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, and turn your back.
  2. Ask the spectator to think of a card.
  3. Ask him to switch the position of both cards he’s not thinking about.
  4. Tell the spectator to turn the three cards down.
  5. Turn around and look at the three face-down cards.
  6. Ask the spectator to mix the cards, and all you have to do is follow the card in the center and look at it.
  7. If it was the queen of hearts, then the spectator’s choice was, indeed, the queen. However, if the card was one of the aces, then the spectator’s choice was the other ace.

4.   The World’s Simplest Trick

Even though this trick is very simple, it can blow the spectator’s mind. In this trick, you need nothing except for the deck of cards.

How It’s Done

  1.  Take out your pack of cards and let the spectator shuffle it if he wants.
  2. Ask him to name any two cards he wants (just the name of the card, without the suit).
  3. After the spectator names two cards, place your hand on the deck of cards and try to look very concentrated.
  4. After a couple of minutes, you ask the spectator to turn over the deck of cards and skim through it. Surprisingly, the cards that he names are right next to each other.
  5. If you try the trick and find a card between them, simply say that you’re not concentrating and repeat it again.

Let’s say the spectator chose ace and nine. This means he’s talking about eight cards in total since he didn’t name a suit.

The probability that 2 of those cards will be next to each other is very high. According to our experience, this trick fails only about 20% of the time.

This trick doesn’t need any preparation or skills to do it. This is why we call it the easiest trick in the world.

This trick will also do great if placed between other tricks in the show. It’ll act just fine as it’ll give you the time needed to relax your mind and prepare for other tricks.

Best Card Decks for Magic Tricks

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In this part, we chose the best deck you can use to help you perform those nifty magic tricks with ease.

Magic Makers Ultimate Gaff Deck

The Bicycle Card Deck is one of the best decks you can use to help you perform your tricks. It’s suitable for all experience levels, and all magic tricks.

It comes as a special gaffed deck of cards. We especially liked the unique design and packaging it came in.

It also contains a reference guide with many tricks that are shown. They’re organized in a step by step manner, from the easiest tricks to the most difficult.

The reference isn’t as detailed as more advanced guides you can find on the market. You can always add a magic rope or some magic markers to the mix for better performances. Heck, you could even invest in a whole DVD collection to learn about new magic tricks!

Most importantly, you can buy it for a very reasonable price, compared to the number of tricks you can learn after using it.

Overall, the extremely durable cards and the assortment of features this product boasts (video guide, printed guide, and scary prop) make this very hard not to recommend.

Wrapping Up

All of our cool magic tricks with cards are enough to impress any audience and will surely get you a few compliments. Even though they’re very simple, we recommend you practice them for a few minutes daily.

A piece of advice: try not to repeat the same trick over and over to the same crowd. They might catch on to your trick, and you risk losing the initial spark of illusion.

So, go grab a card deck, and start working your magic!

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