Deck Review: COPAG 310 Playing Cards

One thing that you learn to love with a fresh new deck is that feeling as you unwrap and realize the difference that quality makes. The COPAG 310 series from Cartamundi will give you that feeling, every time. Coming in both a red and blue deck, these will feel so. natural in your hand for the cardistry and close-up card magic fans, as well as the poker player in all of us.

A standout feature of the COPAG 310 is also the delivery packaging. You have a guaranteed clean product arrival because both the tuck box and the deck itself are each cellophane wrapped for safety and security. I can tell you that some of my other deck deliveries have not made it as nicely as I hoped because of a lack of protective packaging. Not the case with the COPAG 310.

A Finish Designed for Smooth Handling

The True Linen B9 finish is something that you just have to feel to understand. These cards have a perfect combination of a stiffness for longevity while not giving up the comfort and flexibility for cardistry, sleights, and general card handling.

You can definitely feel the effect of the smoothness as you shuffle and handle the cards. You will find that the finish doesn’t wear like many decks do with a lot of handling as long as you keep your hands clean and keep them regularly shuffled to prevent oil buildup on the surfaces (which is a common problem for any deck).

They also dribble so smoothly that you will be loving the feel. The weight and smoothies pair perfectly. Anyone you live with who already dreads the dribble sounds will really hate how great these feel because you’ll be dribbling up a storm!

Extending With the COPAG 310 Gaff Deck

You can also add some more tricks to the toolkit very easily it the COPAG 310 Gaff deck. This is worth a write-up all by itself but is also something I wanted to share for the quick two cards that are a classic for newcomers and experts alike.

The gaff deck is a standalone deck that comes with both red and blue gaff cards including double-back, blanks, and more. This means that you can order a single gaff deck and use these nifty gimmicked cards in a number of your other COPAG 310 standard decks.

Blanks are always a fun one to include so that you can wow your audience with what began as a normal deck and suddenly all the faces and pips vanish!

Double-backs need no introduction. They pair well with your blank cards and for other classic foundational tricks. The other bonus cards include black faces, black backs, and split faces. You will have a lot of great new tricks to add to your repertoire with the gaff deck bonus.

Review Summary: A Must-Have Deck (or many) for Magic and Cardistry

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It goes without saying that the Cartamundi brand is one you can trust. As you may already know, the merger of Cartamundi and Bicycle has led to the best of both companies coming together. These COPAG 310 were a classic from design to delivery including the thorough packaging to ensure your deck arrives solid and injury free.

Getting the COPAG 310 standard deck is a breeze in either red or blue:

Red COPAG 310 Standard Playing Cards

Blue COPAG 310 Standard Playing Cards

COPAG 310 Gaff Deck (Red and Blue)

The Gaff deck (sometimes found as gimmick deck) contains 7 different very cool gimmick cards including

  • 8 blank faces
  • 8 blank backs
  • 4 blank cards
  • 5 split faces
  • 2 reveals
  • 14 double backers
  • 15 double faces

I hope that you enjoy your COPAG 310 decks as much as I do! (I literally buy them by the brick!)

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  1. I recently bought the 310 and loooooved them. Thank you so much for recommending these. They are thicker than the Monarchs and some other cards which makes them feel a bit more durable.


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