5 Magic Tricks for Beginners With Coins

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Every time I watch Now you see me, I keep telling myself “Wow, these guys are so cool!” So, at some point, I wanted to be that cool too. 

I know I can’t be as cool as them, however, I can perform magic tricks using just some coins.

If you’re interested in that too, let’s check some magic tricks for beginners with coins. They’re quite simple, and mastering them can make you feel like a real magician. 

Coins & Their Tricks

We’ll see 5 magic coins and some of the tricks that you can perform with them.

Magic Makers Dime and Penny

Those coins look so real that you can’t tell them apart from real ones. You’ll get a penny, a dime, a black rubber band ring, and a paper of instructions. The price of these coins is considered affordable. 

The trick is very easy to perform as these coins are suitable for magicians of 13 years old or more.

The idea of the product is that the penny is made in the form of a shell so that the dime can hide inside that shell. After your trick is over, you can use the rubber band to get the dime out of the penny. Now let’s see the tricks.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus    

The first trick is pretty easy, the vanishing dime. 

Step 1: Get the penny and the dime in your hand. 

Step 2: Place them on the table so that your audience can see them.

Step 3: Tell them that the dime will disappear.

Step 4: Put both between your hands, while pressing lightly and moving your hands.

Step 5: When the dime is in the shell, open your hands to show them just one penny, no dime, magic!

There’s another trick that’s based on the same idea, the only difference here is that you can add more than one coin, real ones, with gimmick ones. 

Step 1: Make sure to place them in this order; dime, penny, real coins.

Step 2: Place the coins one over another, from right to left, like a fallen domino line. 

Step 3: Show them to your audience and ask them to count the money. 

Step 4: Move your hand from the right to the left, covering all the coins together to form a stack. 

Step 5: Press lightly while doing that so that the dime can vanish.

Step 6: Move the coins back to their place from left to right and ask your audience to count. 

Now we have fewer coins. 


This is a coin that can be folded. You didn’t think you’re biting it for real, did you? The package comes with a coin broken into two pieces, it looks like it was bitten. It also comes with extra rubber bands but you can easily buy new rubber bands when you run out of them.

This trick is suitable for 8 years or older. The idea is quite simple. The two coins fit together like a puzzle to make one coin, and the rubber band is supposed to go around the edges of it to hold it still in one piece, and to make it easy to fold. Even replacing the rubber bands is pretty simple.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

Now let’s take a look at an easy trick that can be performed with this bite coin. This coin looks exactly like a real quarter, so what you need to do is to ask your audience for a quarter. 

Step 1: Distract your audience while replacing their real coin with the gimmick coin. 

Step 2: Tell the spectators that you’ll bite it.

Step 3: Fake biting it while folding the smaller part backward, and fake chewing too.

Step 4: Tell them that you can fix it.

Step 5: Blow on the coin, unfolding it back with one finger. 

Step 6: Replace it again and give them the real coin, here’s your trick.  

WSNMING 5 Pcs Steel Morgan Dollar

Those are 5 coins that can be used to perform more than one trick. They also work well with a magnet as they’re made of steel. The coins come without any instructions, they’re pretty basic. However, they are handy for any magician.

If you need more, you can purchase a set of 10. The coins are suitable for 14 years or older. They’re easy to use, so let’s get to the tricks.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

A basic trick that you can perform using this set is the french drop

Step 1: Hold one coin in your right hand, between your thumb and your 4 other fingers. 

Step 2: Place the thumb of your left hand under the coin and act like you’re taking it.

Step 3: Let it fall into your right hand.

Another trick is when you vanish a coin using a napkin or a handkerchief. 

Step 1: Hold a coin in your left hand, and a napkin in your right hand. 

Step 2: While holding the napkin from one of its edges, move it around your right hand. 

Step 3: Drop the coin from your left hand to your right hand, when the napkin is in front of your hands. 

That’s how the coin disappears. The sky is the limit here, so use your imagination and you can come up with other ideas for this set.

Blue-Ther Triad Coins

This product is similar to the Magic Makers Dime and Penny, but the difference here is that we have one coin and two shells. They make 3 half-dollar coins together. This set also comes with a link to a detailed tutorial video, so that you can master the routines. 

It’s worth mentioning that they come in a sturdy plastic box that keeps them safe. The coins are handmade and they look so real to the extent that you can give them to the audience. They’re made by the famous magician Joshua Jay, but any beginner can handle them. 

They’re suitable for 12 years or older. Now let’s take a look at some of the tricks you can perform using these coins.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

The tricks are based on vanishing. There’s a simple trick that you can perform.

Step 1: Hold the three coins, then slightly put a coin in one shell, so now you’ll have two coins.

Step 2: Repeat the process and you’ll have only one coin. Two coins vanished. 

Step 3: You can also do the whole routine backward to make the coins reappear. 

The tutorial video that comes with the package will give you a more detailed idea of what to do.

Loftus International Nickel to Dimes

This is the last kit on our list. We can tell from its name that it’ll let you transfer your nickels into dimes. Keep in mind that to perform this trick you’ll need to use 4 real dimes. 

The package comes with a brass cap, a brass ring, a gimmick stack of 3 nickels, and a nickel. 

The idea is that the fake stack of nickels, can go over the 4 dimes, and then you can put a nickel over them so it looks like you have 4 nickels. Then when you place the cap over them and flip it, the dimes appear while the nickel + the fake stack will get stuck in the cap.  

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

This trick is really fun to watch, you’ll leave the audience amazed.

Step 1: Gather your audience.

Step 2: Tell them that using only a ring and a cap, you can turn 4 nickels to 4 dimes.

Step 3: Show them the 4 nickles, stacked one over the other.

Step 4: Place the cap over them and then say any magic words.

Step 5: Flip the cap and boom! 4 dimes are here.

You can stop the trick here, but there are extra steps if you want to go on.

Step 6: Tell the audience you’ll bring back the 4 nickels.

Step 7: Place the cap over the ring, then tap it 3 or 4 times.

Step 8: Remove the ring and the cap to see a stack of nickels. 

That’s how a simple breathtaking trick is done.

How Can I Be a Magician?

The answer to that isn’t too hard. First, you need to get all the tools you’ll need. Decide whether you’ll be using coins only, or you need cards too. Keep a list of everything you need to be ready. 

Then you might start with learning the basic sleight of hand. Some of these can be handy for any routine.

The most important step is practice. You’ll need to practice your tricks more than once and organize a routine of those tricks. Make sure you master them before presenting in front of an audience. 

Now when you’re ready, get yourself a costume and let the magic begin. Every magician has his own style. Maybe you want to wear a certain hat or have a magic word. Find what suits you.

Remember that you need to be self-confident at all times.

So, in order to be a magician, you need to:

  • Buy the material
  • Learn the basics
  • Practice, a lot
  • Organize your routine
  • Get a costume

Final Thoughts

I hope you have an idea now on some of those marvelous gimmick coins. All you need to do now is to pick your favorite set and start practicing.

If you ask me about my favorite kit, I think I’ll go for the WSNMING 5 Pcs Steel Morgan Dollar. I know it’s pretty basic, but I think it gives you the opportunity to be more creative. You might even come up with new ideas for tricks. The other kits are fun, but their tricks are limited somehow.  

Magic is always a fun activity. It can be something that adults can enjoy, as well as kids too. It can be a bonding activity if you decide that your family is your audience. 

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