5 Best Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

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When looking for both functional and stylish for your card playing enjoyment, look no further than the sleek style of the black diamond waterproof playing cards. The black diamond playing card style is elegant, and some may even say sexy, and they are much more than just a pretty face card.

Why Black Diamond Waterproof Cards?

There are actually a lot of great uses for waterproof cards. Durability is incredible, and despite being a bit different in feel making them challenging for some applications like cardistry and close-up card mechanic work, the waterproof option brings two distinct advantages:

Spill-proof for safety at the poker table when a drink spills

Hey, it happens to the best of us and there’s nothing like the pain of watching a traditional paper card deck swell into a useless mass as water invades the interior. Not a problem when you have waterproof cards. We don’t recommend you head to the deep end of the pool for a 5-card poker game, but for pretty decent spills and dunking, these waterproof decks can stand up to the test of moisture most anyone can throw at them.

Outdoor playing options

No more fearing the loss of a card to the elements. We don’t recommend sitting in the pouring rain to get a round of play in, but it will be you that taps out before your cards as these waterproof options mean a more resilient and long-lasting result for the money you invest for your camping or just good old fashioned pool side poker or solitaire play.

Durability to withstand more than just normal play

Let’s face it: kids are hard on cards. When you have a deck of cards that you love the look of, you want to make them last. All of the black diamond waterproof playing cards are built to last more than your typical, card deck against bending and curling. The price points are also very attractive despite the bonus durability and waterproof capabilities.

Let’s have a look at the BMAS top picks for our 5 favorite black diamond waterproof card decks and you will be on your way to a spill proof card game in no time!

HD Waterproof Poker Cards – Flexible┬áMagic Tricks Tool for Family Party and Table Game

The title is not far off of what the most common purchase reason is for these both elegant and functional black diamond waterproof cards. The family party is probably one of the more common places that a good deck of cards takes some extra abuse. These durable beauties will stand up to both spills and to wear-and-tear that your traditional Bicycle family deck may not be up for. A clear win for both the young players in the room and those who may lose a little water on the playing table.

SolarMatrix Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

These gold and silver printed waterproof playing cards are definitely easy on the eyes and on the hands. Aiming for both style and durability has led to another great option among black diamond waterproof playing cards here with the SolarMatrix deck.

The designs have a regal classic look and the suits are offset by using gold and silver over the traditional black and red. This makes these a very nice looking deck to use for your day-to-day play and the waterproof durability means you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them.

J.C. Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards Novelty

The J.C. Black Diamond waterproof playing cards are also a winner for style and resiliency. Another slick looking deck which features gold and silver suit colors and the box is a very cool carbon-fiber looking exterior which will make these attractive both in and out of the box.

The back design is a little more prominent that some of the others we reviewed and that little extra boldness may be a nice look for you depending on what your style is.

Acelion Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards, Plastic Playing Cards, Deck of Cards, Poker Cards

There is something particularly nice about the black-on-black layout of the Acelion black diamond waterproof playing cards. Both the face and the back are sleek and dark. The waterproof advantage makes them a great option to add some dapper design to your poker game without risking spilling your fancy drinks across a winning hand.

EAY Playing Cards Luxury Waterproof 24K Gold Diamond Foil Poker Carta, Gold Playing Cards

Ok, this may deviate from the pack a bit as a gold variety but these gold diamond waterproof cards are a beautiful addition to the stylish poker player in all of us. These EAY luxury waterproof black diamond and gold diamond playing cards have both your shiny and dark style ready to go

Our Favorite Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards

It’s difficult to choose among these as your style may vary but the top winners from the BMAS team are (drum roll please!):

Best Black Diamond Classic Style – Acelion Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Card

The extremely stylish, almost Bond-like, look of the black-on-black in the Acelion Black Diamond Waterproof Playing Cards won us over. There are a few other options you may find out there that have this style but the price and the extreme durability of these waterproof classics are a no-brainer when it comes to our pick. If gold is your thing though…

Best Exotic Option – Gold Diamond Waterproof Cards

We had to give a kudos to the also Bond-like style of these gold diamond waterproof cards. They will leave your fellow poker players thinking the deck is worth more than the pot, but the truth is that these come in a very low price, especially when you take into account the quality and durability.

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