Magic Tricks for Kids Step by Step

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Magic tricks are fun to learn and watch for both adults and kids. However, for children, it’s more than just fun. Learning these little tricks help build your child’s confidence and make them more capable of handling the audience.

In the sections below we will walk you through the best magic sets available. Then, we will present you with some magic tricks for kids step by step.

Our Top 5 Picks for Magic Tricks for Kids

Here’s a roundup of the easiest magic starters! 

1- Melissa & Doug Magic in a Snap! Abracadabra Collection

Let’s start off by diving into this pack of magic and fun. This box is full of tricks that will keep your kids engaged for hours. Melissa & Doug Magic presents us with this 10-piece magic set that will make your child feel like a pro! 

The set also comes with simple step-by-step instructions that your kid can easily keep track of. Kids as young as 4 years old can start enjoying this kit. 


  • High-quality materials 
  • Clear instructions
  • For kids as young as 4 years old


  •  A limited number of tricks
  • Tricks are not very unique

While this kit includes fewer props than others on the market, the reputation of the manufacturer makes you compromise the quantity over this supreme quality. 

2- MasterMagic Magic Kit

This kit is one of the most all-encompassing kits on the market. With more than 350 tricks inside the box, your kid will never run out of fun. 

We need to clarify that this doesn’t mean there are 350 pieces of tools inside the box. This number refers to the tools inside and to the tricks available in the e-books that come with the kit.

The kit is created to give kids starting from 5 years old an immersive experience into the endless world of magic.  


  • Good value for money
  • Variety of content


  • Instructions need parental guidance
  • More suitable for older kids

The kit also comes with what they call “secret magic club”. It’s a secret website that transports you to a world of additional tutorials and ideas.

3- Big Magic for Little Hands: 25 Astounding Illusions for Young Magicians

This huge book offers 25 magic tricks for kids ages 7 years old and up. The reputable magician and author, Joshua Jay, has filled the book with tricks that are properly introduced with step-by-step illustrations and tips. 

Joshua’s tricks are unique in the way they are simple yet witty. They are easy to carry out and are definitely kid-friendly. 


  • Tricks don’t require many tools
  • Includes drawings for better illustration


  • Suitable for older kids
  • A limited number of tricks

While the content of the book is impressive enough, we can’t ignore the design factor. With the vintage-looking cover, oversized text and black-and-white colors, the book will cast its spell upon you and make you fall in love with it instantly.

4- 101 Easy-to-Do Magic Tricks

Presented by the magician Bill Tarr, this book brings you all-time classic tricks such as The Chinese Rings and The Inexhaustible Hat.

Hands down our dearest feature in this book is the 400 illustrations that make the step-by-step instructions even more simple.

The book also includes a glossary of magic terms, notes on the props needed, and a heart-warming section that talks about the world’s most iconic magicians.


  • Variety of tricks
  • Clear instructions and illustrations


  • Suitable for older kids, 9 years old and up
  • Some users reported that tricks take time to set up

The experience and knowledge of Bill Tarr are clearly manifested in this book that part of his enthusiasm surely will cling to the reader. So be ready for a show that is sure to dazzle!

5-  Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set

All great magicians started with card tricks and went on to build their way up. This set has put together 50 card tricks that will leave you a master of this type of magic. 

This quality box will teach young magicians how to impress the audience with a regular deck. In addition to the 5 secret sets included in the box. The level of difficulty of tricks included vary from easy to hard to ensure that this box will last for long with your kid. 


  • Unique packaging
  • Varying levels of difficulty


  • Only card tricks
  • Suitable for older kids, 8 years old and above

In addition to the deck of cards and the 5 secret packs, the box also includes an instructions booklet. The clear guide walks you through everything you need to know to master the art of cards.

Introductory Tricks for Kids

Magic tricks are among the earliest forms of entertainment one has experienced. Magic is so popular because it defies what your mind knows to be true. It helps the mind evolve and expand. 

That’s important for a Kid. In fact, it’s so important that they get challenged from this young age. Magic tricks will teach them that there are things beyond what they know. More importantly, they can be the ones performing this magic!

Most of the tricks presented below are classic and simple to perform. All the material and tools needed are safe to use and you can easily find them around the house. However, for more tricks, we recommend that you check out our top pick MasterMagic Magic Kit.

1.   The Magic Tube

Since this trick employs real optical illusion, it’ll take more time to set up.

It’s a bit sophisticated, so even adults will take time to try and understand how it happened! You need the following tools: 2 card stocks, tissue, scissors, and tape. 


Use the scissors to cut your card stocks into rectangular shapes. 


Roll up the first card stock into a tube. Take the second card stock and roll it up in a more of a cone-shaped tube from one end.  


Put these tubes inside one another. Make sure that the more coned tube is the one on the inside.


Take the tissue and tuck it in between the 2 tubes. 


Now, your kid is standing in front of the audience and all they see is the hollow tube. On the count of 3, your kid will pull out the tissue from in between the tubes and everyone will just gasp in surprise.

2.    The Disappearing Coin

Back to coins, however, this time we only need one. For this trick, you need the following tools: A glass cup, card stock papers of the same color, glue, scissors, and a table. 


The most important rule here is to have 2 stock papers with the same color.

Take the first stock paper and stick it to the table. Use your scissors to cut out a circular piece of paper, from the second stock paper. This circular piece should perfectly fit the diameter of the cup. 


Use the glue to stick the circular paper to the cup, so that it acts more like a lid to the cup.


To carry out this trick put the coin on that table and just scoot the glass over, slyly, to tip up the coin. Because of the paper glued to the glass, everyone will see that the coin has disappeared. 

Take the glass back to its initial position, and there we find the coin again. 

3.   The Flying Card

To perform this trick you need a playing card and a piece of flexible plastic. This plastic piece can be found in any kind of packaging. You’ll also need a tape.


Cut the plastic to be an inch wide and the same length as the playing card. 


Stick the piece of plastic on the back of the card with the tape. Now you have a piece of plastic attached to the back of the card. 

When you flex that plastic piece, it bows out and causes the card to rise. That’s the trick.


Put the card on the palm of the kid’s hand. Have one edge of the plastic placed at the base of the hand and the other edge of the plastic placed under the fingers. Now, the plastic should be properly gripped in the hand. 

Now let your kid slowly close the palm, and you’ll see the card rising as the kid pushes the thumb in and the fingers in. 

This hand movement bows the plastic causing the card to pop up. When you slowly open the hand, the card should return back and rest on the hand palm. 


Magic is attractive because it allows the kids to see unexpected things, it’s also trendy. So, no doubt your kids and their friends will love to put up a show. While all these tricks sound easy, it requires a lot of precision from your side.

Make sure to keep sharp objects, such as scissors, away from them. Also, keep all the tools and pieces of the trick free from sharp edges so they won’t get hurt. 

You’ll find many similar tricks and ideas in the MasterMagic Magic Kit. So, even if your kid has mastered the tricks we mentioned above, there are always new ones to learn!

The Best Magic Tricks for Kids Step-By-Step Guide

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Mastering a magic trick, especially as a kid, can be fun as well as beneficial. It can boost their self-esteem and confidence, help them make friends, and inspire their creativity.

However, you might not know how to encourage your magic enthusiast of a kid. Instead of wandering around the web searching for tutorial videos, we can give you a hand.

In this article, we’ll help you pick the best magic tricks for kids step-by-step guide. Whether it’s a book or an all-inclusive kit, you might find what you’re looking for.

Our Top 5 Picks

We’ve stumbled upon the following products and thought that maybe you’d like to take a look at them, too. Let’s find out what they can offer you!

1.   Magic Tricks With Coins, Cards, and Everyday Objects

The first book on our list is this easy step-by-step guide to magic tricks. We loved a lot of things about it, including everything below.

First of all, it can teach your kids plenty of magic tricks that they can do using everyday objects. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time or money to buy more items for your kid to perform with.

From making stuff disappear to reading thoughts, your child should have a lot of fun. With over 50 tricks included in the book, their time should be filled with excitement and creativity.

As for the price, you’d be delighted to know that this book is budget-friendly. To everyone who wants a mistake-proof guide to the easiest magic tricks without spending too much, we recommend this book.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides magic tips with household objects
  • No need to buy special props
  • Good for kids aged 8-10 years
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only 50 tricks included

2.   Big Magic for Little Hands

Here’s another helpful book that might catch your kid’s interest. If they’re more into optical illusions than other types of tricks, we highly recommend this guide.

We’ll start by saying that this book can teach your kid 25 different tricks. Starting from the basics all the way to more challenging tricks, your child might fall in love with it.

Also, the writer of this book promises that these tricks should require as little prep time as possible. With minimum props and effort, your kid should be able to amaze their friends and family members with their performance.

However, some reviewers commented that the magic tricks in this book needed the supervision of an adult. For a kid who’s 8 or 9, putting together the materials required to perform a magic illusion can be hard.

Still, for teens about 12-14 of age, it should be a piece of cake.


  • A great guide to learning magical illusions
  • Minimum prep time and materials
  • Great for kids aged 12-14
  • Affordable price


  • Might require parental assistance with building props
  • Only includes 25 tricks

3.   Knack Magic Tricks: A Step-By-Step Guide To Illusions, Sleight Of Hand, And Amazing Feats

The third book that we think that your kids will enjoy is Knack Magic Tricks. It’s available as a Kindle ebook as well as in paperback form.

The great thing about it is that it offers a variety of tricks to match every taste. From illusion tricks to others using household objects, your kid should be preoccupied for days.

Also, it provides guidance on tricks with coinsplaying cardshandkerchiefs, and more. Your kids can perform them in front of anyone, from large audiences to family members in the living room.

With 450 photographed directions, magic should come naturally to your child.

A lot of people who purchased this book thought it was great for kids who are just starting their journey with magic. They commented about its ease-of-use and simple tricks.

However, some claimed that their kids have lost interest in the book after a while. According to them, the explanation of magic tricks included more words than pictures, which a kid might not be a fan of.


  • Wide variety of tricks
  • A great guide for kids aged 9-12 years
  • Perfect for beginners
  • 450 easy-to-follow full-color photos
  • Moderately-priced


  • Some kids might not enjoy that it contains more words than illustrations

4.   Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Tricks Set

Now, let’s take a break from educational books and uncover the charms of a good magic kit. This one by the famous brand, Marvin’s Magic, can be the best gift to get your little magician.

For anyone interested in tricks using cards, we suggest that they give this set a try. With 50 different tricks that you can do with your child, it’s about time that they impress their friends at school.

What’s probably the best thing about this kit is that it includes a QR code that can unravel a hidden world of card magic. All you have to do is scan this code using your smart device, and you should be redirected to a webpage full of step-by-step videos and tutorials.

As for the age group recommended for this set, it can be as young as 8 years old. Not just that, but anyone interested in magic, whether they’re a kid or an adult, might admire this kit.

A lot of users admired this set. They commented that its eye-catching tin case made it a great birthday or Christmas gift.


  • 50 different card tricks
  • Informational instruction booklet included
  • QR code for bonus online tricks and tutorials
  • Awesome as a birthday gift
  • Suitable for ages 8-14
  • Midrange price


  • The quality of cards needs improvements
  • Some instructions can require parental help

5.   MasterMagic Ultimate Magic Kit

Here’s our final candidate, which is an incredible kit by MasterMagic. This brand has received its popularity for a lot of reasons. Let’s find out more about them.

First of all, this kit comes with 350 magic tricks ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced. Therefore, no matter how old your child is, this gift can be their best friend for years.

Second of all, the kit offers you access to MasterMagic’s online secret club. There, you can find plenty of instructional videos and step-by-step guides.

Not just that, it also includes 3 bonus ebooks to help your child on their journey to become great magicians. In fact, it’s a far better deal than buying each book separately, which might cost you more.

In this kit, you’ll find plenty of child-friendly and high-quality props that are easy to use. Because they’re made with small hands in mind, your kid should face no difficulties handling them.

Wondering about the price? You might spend more on this kit than any other product on our list, but a lot of users thought it was worth it.


  • A wide variety of magic tricks
  • 350 tricks included
  • Step-by-step online guides
  • 3 bonus ebooks
  • Children-friendly props and materials
  • Best for ages 8-15


  • Might be a pricey option for some people

The Easiest Tricks to Try With Your Kids

We’d like to suggest a couple of our favorite tricks that every beginner should be able to perform. To help them dazzle their friends, you can learn the following tricks with your little ones.

The Quarter Trick

You’ll need:

  • A quarter
  • A piece of tin foil
  • A small square of white paper

To prepare for the trick:

  • Press the foil against one side of the quarter and around the edges
  • Rub until the impression of the coin appears on the foil
  • Remove it and cut the excess

When it’s performance time, do the following:

  • Put the foil quarter in your hands
  • Make your audience take a look at it
  • Tell them that you’ll make it disappear
  • Put the white paper on top of it and say any magic words you’d like
  • Remove the paper so that the audience will see it’s still there
  • Apologize then do it again
  • The second time, crush the paper into a little ball along with the fake quarter

The Magnetic Pencil

You’ll need only need a pencil or two for this trick based on the version that you’d like to try.

In the first version, all you have to do is tell your audience that you’ll make the pencil float without holding it. 

  • Place it on your flat palm
  • Position your palm facing away from your audience
  • At the same time, hold your wrist with your other hand
  • Keep one finger on your pencil

Of course, you can take this trick one step higher by wearing a watch. In this version, you’ll do the same thing with the pencil on your palm

The only difference here is that you should place another pencil under your close-fitted watch. This second pencil should keep the first one in place without the help of your other hand.

Your crowd should be pretty impressed by now!

To Wrap Up

A great magic trick requires good preparation, practice, and helpful instructions. This is why we’ll suggest our favorite magic tricks for kids step-by-step guide.

We loved the MasterMagic Ultimate Magic Kit for a lot of reasons. 

For example, it can offer you over 350 magic tricks for everyone, beginner or pro. Also, it comes with informative ebooks as well as an online guide to a wide variety of tricks to learn.

Not just that, the kit includes all the basic objects that your kid might need to perform a trick. You should find cards, balls, fake money, and other stuff.

After all, there’s nothing better than making everyone in the room gasp with surprise!

5 Magic Tricks for Beginners With Coins

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Every time I watch Now you see me, I keep telling myself “Wow, these guys are so cool!” So, at some point, I wanted to be that cool too. 

I know I can’t be as cool as them, however, I can perform magic tricks using just some coins.

If you’re interested in that too, let’s check some magic tricks for beginners with coins. They’re quite simple, and mastering them can make you feel like a real magician. 

Coins & Their Tricks

We’ll see 5 magic coins and some of the tricks that you can perform with them.

Magic Makers Dime and Penny

Those coins look so real that you can’t tell them apart from real ones. You’ll get a penny, a dime, a black rubber band ring, and a paper of instructions. The price of these coins is considered affordable. 

The trick is very easy to perform as these coins are suitable for magicians of 13 years old or more.

The idea of the product is that the penny is made in the form of a shell so that the dime can hide inside that shell. After your trick is over, you can use the rubber band to get the dime out of the penny. Now let’s see the tricks.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus    

The first trick is pretty easy, the vanishing dime. 

Step 1: Get the penny and the dime in your hand. 

Step 2: Place them on the table so that your audience can see them.

Step 3: Tell them that the dime will disappear.

Step 4: Put both between your hands, while pressing lightly and moving your hands.

Step 5: When the dime is in the shell, open your hands to show them just one penny, no dime, magic!

There’s another trick that’s based on the same idea, the only difference here is that you can add more than one coin, real ones, with gimmick ones. 

Step 1: Make sure to place them in this order; dime, penny, real coins.

Step 2: Place the coins one over another, from right to left, like a fallen domino line. 

Step 3: Show them to your audience and ask them to count the money. 

Step 4: Move your hand from the right to the left, covering all the coins together to form a stack. 

Step 5: Press lightly while doing that so that the dime can vanish.

Step 6: Move the coins back to their place from left to right and ask your audience to count. 

Now we have fewer coins. 


This is a coin that can be folded. You didn’t think you’re biting it for real, did you? The package comes with a coin broken into two pieces, it looks like it was bitten. It also comes with extra rubber bands but you can easily buy new rubber bands when you run out of them.

This trick is suitable for 8 years or older. The idea is quite simple. The two coins fit together like a puzzle to make one coin, and the rubber band is supposed to go around the edges of it to hold it still in one piece, and to make it easy to fold. Even replacing the rubber bands is pretty simple.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

Now let’s take a look at an easy trick that can be performed with this bite coin. This coin looks exactly like a real quarter, so what you need to do is to ask your audience for a quarter. 

Step 1: Distract your audience while replacing their real coin with the gimmick coin. 

Step 2: Tell the spectators that you’ll bite it.

Step 3: Fake biting it while folding the smaller part backward, and fake chewing too.

Step 4: Tell them that you can fix it.

Step 5: Blow on the coin, unfolding it back with one finger. 

Step 6: Replace it again and give them the real coin, here’s your trick.  

WSNMING 5 Pcs Steel Morgan Dollar

Those are 5 coins that can be used to perform more than one trick. They also work well with a magnet as they’re made of steel. The coins come without any instructions, they’re pretty basic. However, they are handy for any magician.

If you need more, you can purchase a set of 10. The coins are suitable for 14 years or older. They’re easy to use, so let’s get to the tricks.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

A basic trick that you can perform using this set is the french drop

Step 1: Hold one coin in your right hand, between your thumb and your 4 other fingers. 

Step 2: Place the thumb of your left hand under the coin and act like you’re taking it.

Step 3: Let it fall into your right hand.

Another trick is when you vanish a coin using a napkin or a handkerchief. 

Step 1: Hold a coin in your left hand, and a napkin in your right hand. 

Step 2: While holding the napkin from one of its edges, move it around your right hand. 

Step 3: Drop the coin from your left hand to your right hand, when the napkin is in front of your hands. 

That’s how the coin disappears. The sky is the limit here, so use your imagination and you can come up with other ideas for this set.

Blue-Ther Triad Coins

This product is similar to the Magic Makers Dime and Penny, but the difference here is that we have one coin and two shells. They make 3 half-dollar coins together. This set also comes with a link to a detailed tutorial video, so that you can master the routines. 

It’s worth mentioning that they come in a sturdy plastic box that keeps them safe. The coins are handmade and they look so real to the extent that you can give them to the audience. They’re made by the famous magician Joshua Jay, but any beginner can handle them. 

They’re suitable for 12 years or older. Now let’s take a look at some of the tricks you can perform using these coins.

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

The tricks are based on vanishing. There’s a simple trick that you can perform.

Step 1: Hold the three coins, then slightly put a coin in one shell, so now you’ll have two coins.

Step 2: Repeat the process and you’ll have only one coin. Two coins vanished. 

Step 3: You can also do the whole routine backward to make the coins reappear. 

The tutorial video that comes with the package will give you a more detailed idea of what to do.

Loftus International Nickel to Dimes

This is the last kit on our list. We can tell from its name that it’ll let you transfer your nickels into dimes. Keep in mind that to perform this trick you’ll need to use 4 real dimes. 

The package comes with a brass cap, a brass ring, a gimmick stack of 3 nickels, and a nickel. 

The idea is that the fake stack of nickels, can go over the 4 dimes, and then you can put a nickel over them so it looks like you have 4 nickels. Then when you place the cap over them and flip it, the dimes appear while the nickel + the fake stack will get stuck in the cap.  

A Dash of Hocus-Pocus

This trick is really fun to watch, you’ll leave the audience amazed.

Step 1: Gather your audience.

Step 2: Tell them that using only a ring and a cap, you can turn 4 nickels to 4 dimes.

Step 3: Show them the 4 nickles, stacked one over the other.

Step 4: Place the cap over them and then say any magic words.

Step 5: Flip the cap and boom! 4 dimes are here.

You can stop the trick here, but there are extra steps if you want to go on.

Step 6: Tell the audience you’ll bring back the 4 nickels.

Step 7: Place the cap over the ring, then tap it 3 or 4 times.

Step 8: Remove the ring and the cap to see a stack of nickels. 

That’s how a simple breathtaking trick is done.

How Can I Be a Magician?

The answer to that isn’t too hard. First, you need to get all the tools you’ll need. Decide whether you’ll be using coins only, or you need cards too. Keep a list of everything you need to be ready. 

Then you might start with learning the basic sleight of hand. Some of these can be handy for any routine.

The most important step is practice. You’ll need to practice your tricks more than once and organize a routine of those tricks. Make sure you master them before presenting in front of an audience. 

Now when you’re ready, get yourself a costume and let the magic begin. Every magician has his own style. Maybe you want to wear a certain hat or have a magic word. Find what suits you.

Remember that you need to be self-confident at all times.

So, in order to be a magician, you need to:

  • Buy the material
  • Learn the basics
  • Practice, a lot
  • Organize your routine
  • Get a costume

Final Thoughts

I hope you have an idea now on some of those marvelous gimmick coins. All you need to do now is to pick your favorite set and start practicing.

If you ask me about my favorite kit, I think I’ll go for the WSNMING 5 Pcs Steel Morgan Dollar. I know it’s pretty basic, but I think it gives you the opportunity to be more creative. You might even come up with new ideas for tricks. The other kits are fun, but their tricks are limited somehow.  

Magic is always a fun activity. It can be something that adults can enjoy, as well as kids too. It can be a bonding activity if you decide that your family is your audience. 

Top Magic Tricks for Beginners with Cards

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I still remember the first magic tricks book I got when I was around 5. I used to spend hours crafting the props and perfecting the tricks. I was especially fond of card tricks and spent hours practicing with my mom.

So, to make sure you get to taste the magic of magic the same way I did, I’ll be looking at 5 kits of the top magic tricks for beginners with cards.

Magic Kits for Beginners

There’s a variety of magic trick kits for beginners available on the market. For the sake of these reviews, I’ve selected an eclectic pool of the most popular kits available so you can easily pick the most suitable one for you.

1.   3 Bees & Me Big Box of Magic Tricks

This deluxe magic trick set has over 75 magic tricks and is designed for kids aged 6 to 10 years old. 

Tricks range from disappearing acts to card tricks. Your kids will have countless hours of fun playing around with this set.

However, don’t think this is just a kids toy, it’s also a great option if you’re a beginner magician. It gives you the chance to practice and try your hand out in magic, without being too complicated.

Note that even though this is a fine magic kit, it’s lacking in some aspects. There are reports of the instructions being unclear as print is too small to read. 

Overall, this is a decent starter magic kit to get you ready for more advanced magic tricks. 


  • Variety of tricks catering to different interests
  • Suitable for children and beginners


  • Reports of instructions written in unclear print

2.   MasterMagic Magic Kit 

This magic tricks set includes an impressive total of 350 tricks! That’s a lot to fit a box if you ask me; you may even say it’s magic.

Suitable for ages 6 to 14, this set provides hours of entertainment for kids and beginners. Moreover, this kit comes with some cool magic props designed to comfortably fit kids’ hands. You’ll get a magic wand and a magic coloring book along with other magical props. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are some extras you’ll get with this kit. For example, you get 3 E-books including the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks and Expert at the Card Table. 

Moreover, the kit includes access to a magic website that has even more tricks that aren’t included in this set!


  • Comes with 3 E-books for the card and coin tricks
  • Access to a magic website to practice when more tricks not included in the kit
  • The kit comes with some cool props making you live the whole magic experience


  • Since it’s designed for kids, props aren’t suitable for adult use
  • Some reports that props aren’t of good quality and they break easily

3.   Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set

A kit for card lovers, this magic set contains 50 card tricks exclusively. 

One of the best things about this magic set is how compact and portable it is. Everything comes in a neat little box that you can take with you to gatherings and impress your family and friends with all the cool card tricks.

The tricks included are suitable enough for beginners and can be performed by both older kids and adults.

In addition to card decks included, which are actually trick decks, you also get access to online magic tutorials. So, you can also learn to perform other magic tricks using everyday objects. 


  • Portable
  • You get access to other tricks via online tutorials


  • Some reports of the quality not being very good

4.   Thames & Kosmos Magic: Onyx Edition Playset

This magic kit edition from Thames & Kosmos includes 200 tricks that you can perform.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this kit is the quality of accessories and props. The solid metal rings for the linking tricks and handkerchief in glass accessories are almost professional grade. 

This in addition to the classic card and coin tricks, makes this a valuable addition to any beginner, because even if you’re a novice you will feel like a seasoned magician. 

Not only does this kit come with a 112-page colored instruction booklet, but you also get access to free online video tutorials to help you perfect your tricks.


  • Includes colored instructions booklet and online video tutorials
  • High-quality props


  • Expensive

5.   Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit Black

This magic tricks kit from Criss Angel is just amazing, this MINDFREAK kit allows you to perform 550 magic tricks combinations.

It includes different types of tricks, you have your card tricks, the classic cup and ball, and many many others.

Needless to say this will stay with you beyond your novice magician days. Which is great since it’s suitable magicians starting 8 years old with no age limit.

The kit comes with an easy to understand instructional video as well as an extra DVD about levitation.


  • 550 magic tricks
  • Includes clear, easy and fun instructions


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not suitable for small children

Mastering Magic Tricks

To be a good magician you need to be aware of some of the aspects that go into being a good magician. 

Becoming a Magician

It’s not easy to become a magician. However if you’re just a beginner still dabbling in the field or just want to learn a few tricks to impress your friends it is relatively easy. All you need is passion and to follow those simple steps.

Step 1: Learn

You will first need to learn about magic. 

  • Learn some easy magic tricks 
  • Study other magicians and their work
  • Read about magic 
  • Learn about magicians, 
  • Watch online videos of magic performances 

Step 2: Practice

Practice makes perfect, this has never been truer. To be a magician you need to practice your tricks.

  • Find a magic buddy to practice with
  • If this doesn’t work then an audience can be the second-best thing
  • Be original, yes you may be inspired by other magicians, but add your own style 
  • Upgrade and combine tricks to make them more interesting
  • A magician’s hands are his best tool, so work them, make sure they’re fast and flexible

Step 3: Perform

Performance makes or breaks a true magician. If you have to be charismatic while performing your tricks, not an easy feat.

  • Organize all aspects of your performance and/or show beforehand
  • Add humor to keep your audience engaged 
  • Humor also helps distract from anything you don’t want your audience to notice
  • Read your audience to help improve your performance

Benefits of Learning Magic Tricks

Do you believe in magic? Most of us have a fascination with the unknown, the mysterious. However, this may be more than just sheer curiosity, you may know on a subconscious level how beneficial performing magic actually is.

Boosts Confidence & Improves Communication Skills

Anyone who performs in front of an audience knows how that can affect your confidence. However, performing magic is actually on another level, as it requires you to only perform, but you also need to interact with your audience. 

This combination substantially improves the development of your confidence and communication skills. 

Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills

You have to have sleight of hands when you perform magic tricks, that’s just an unavoidable fact. For that reason, it’s believed that performing magic tricks actually helps hone your fine motor skills. This is especially beneficial for younger children who are still at that stage.

Improves Self-Discipline

Performing a magic trick successfully takes a lot of patience and practice. That is why you need to have great self-discipline to achieve that. In that case it’s quite beneficial to learn magic tricks if you want to build your kid’s, or even your own, self-discipline.

Best Magic Kits Brands

There are many brands that offer magic kits and sets. From kids toys brands such as 3 Bees & Me to magicians such as Criss Angel who have their very own branded magic sets!

I can’t really favor one brand over the other, because it all really depends on the magician’s own preferred type of magic, age, and level of expertise. 


Still, need to know more? You can go through our frequently asked questions for more information.

How Do I Choose a Magic Tricks Kit?

When deciding which magic kit to buy there are 4 things to consider when buying your first one.


How old are you or the person who will be using the kit plays a big role in selecting the kit. Most kits have an age so that’s easy to find.

However, if you’re an adult you shouldn’t be shy to buy yourself a magic kit that’s rated for a younger user. It all depends on your level of expertise. On the other hand, a younger magician may be advanced and can handle kits that are aimed at an older age.

So just use your own judgment and common sense when it comes to that. 


The type of tricks that you’re looking to perform plays a big part in the kit you pick. If you’re looking to perform a specialized type of trick, it’s more efficient to get one just for that. 

For example if you’re looking for just card tricks, it’s a good idea to buy one that offers just that. Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set will be ideal for you in that case.

On the other hand, you may be looking to perform a more diverse range of tricks. In that case, you can buy one of the more comprehensive magic kits such as MasterMagic Magic Kit


If the kit contains props and accessories, make sure that these are of good quality and suitable for you. Bad quality accessories will most probably break easily rendering the whole kit useless. 


Some kits come with a printed instructions leaflet. Others come with a DVD or even a link to an online video tutorial. 

Which one you’ll get depends on your own personal preference. Personally, I find that electronic versions are better, since you don’t need to worry about losing them.

Also, how easy the instructions are to follow plays a big role in your decision. I mean, what use is it to have the tools to do a magic trick without knowing how to perform it!


How much you’re willing to invest reflects on the quality of the kit you’ll be getting? A decent beginner’s magic kit will usually start at $20, while better quality kits can be priced $50+.

The Verdict

The world of magic is wide and winding, but I can make getting your magic tricks for beginner’s kit a little easier. From cards to coins to disappearing acts and everything in between, you can find a magic kit for it. But, which is the best?

For me, I find the MasterMagic Magic Kit, an ideal option for beginners as it includes over 350 tricks. This gives you as a beginner a wide range so you can test which tricks work for you, and is available at a relatively affordable price. 

Additionally, this kit has some nice bonus features such as the E-books that help you master the card and coin tricks category. So, you’ll have access to all the tools to become an amazing magician!

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids to Do at School

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Does your little one have a fun day at school coming up? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to grab your magic wand and start teaching him some tricks! 

Kids love magic tricks. Better yet, they love impressing their classmates. So, when they have a couple of magic tricks up their sleeves, they’ll be happier than ever. 

I’ll show you some impressive magic kits that you can get as a birthday gift for your kid!

The Best 4 Magic Tricks Kits for Kids

These kits include tricks that are pretty easy to perform and understand. Plus, the sets are pretty fun to use. Check them out:

Jufang Yellow Easy Magic Tricks Kits for Kids

The Jufang kit comes fully equipped with seven entertaining magic tricks for kids. The materials are safe and eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that you won’t be harming the environment. Additionally, the kids can use it right out of the box. It’s easy and fun to use.

Furthermore, the kit includes 25 pieces of magic props. They’re made from durable materials, so they can withstand the kids’ rough handling. Also, they can be used to perform more tricks than the ones included.

The kit includes the following tricks:

  • Coin Paddle
  • Milk Cups
  • Vanish Pen
  • Miracle Ropes
  • Magic Painting Theater
  • Cups & Ball
  • JQK Cards


  • Low price
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 30-day replacement guarantee


  • Only a few tricks included

Marvin’s Magic ‘125 Box of Tricks’ for Kids

Your kids will love Marvin’s magic kit. Despite the small packaging, it has 125 tricks for kids to try. Plus, they’re easy to master after the first use. 

Moreover, the kit comes with an instruction booklet that’s illustrated in colors. That way, the kids can understand it effortlessly. The box also has a QR scan code that opens to a secret web page created by the manufacturer. What’s more, it contains videos and illustrations of tricks that kids can do.

The tricks in the kit include:

  • Cups & Balls
  • Astounding Mind Reading Canister
  • Magical Mystery Cards
  • Incredible Spiked Coin
  • Amazing Changing Cards
  • Magician’s Wand
  • Incredible Color Block Escape


  • A variety of tricks included
  • Mobile application available
  • The props can be used to perform additional tricks


  • May be hard to use for kids under 7 years old

3 Bees & Me Deluxe Magic Kit Set

The 3 Bees & Me kit contains the most popular magic tricks that we all know. This makes it a great bonding tool for kids and their parents. In addition, the tricks are easy for the kids to learn on their own, which helps them gain confidence in their skills.

In case it’s your kid’s first time doing magic tricks, the kit comes with step-by-step instructions. Plus, there’s a link on the package that opens online video demos.

Among the tricks that you’ll receive:

  • Cup & Balls
  • Coin Paddle
  • Mind Reading Box
  • The Disappearing Coin
  • Money Tube


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Budget-buy
  • Online instructions available


  • The props are low-quality

Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set

The Ideal magic set comes with 25 tricks and 31 magic props. The props are high-quality and have durable materials. However, some small pieces might be a choking hazard for toddlers.

Moreover, the tricks are suitable for beginner magicians. They’re very easy to use, and in case your kids get confused, they can always check the online instructions’ videos. 

The Ideal magic tricks include:

  • Magic Drawer Box
  • Color Cube & Box
  • Ball & Vase 
  • Magic Cat Puzzle
  • Magic Paint Card
  • Double-Sided Lollipop


  • High-quality props
  • The props are easy to handle
  • The tricks are innovative and fun


  • Hard to use for kids under 5 years old

3 Easy Tricks for Kids to Do at School

If you don’t have the time to get a kit before your kid’s magic show, check these tricks out. They’re safe, fun, and easy to do!

The Pepper and Soap Trick

You’ll only need three items for this trick:

  • A cup of water
  • Some dish soap or regular soap
  • Some pepper

Before starting this trick, you’ll ask a volunteer from the crowd to put his finger in a cup containing pepper and water. Nothing will happen then. However, when you put your hand, the pepper will get away from your finger and form a large circle.

You’ll need to dip the tip of your finger in some dish soap before starting. You can also use regular soap if that’s the one available. Just rub your finger against it. Afterward, fill a cup with water and sprinkle some pepper on the top.

When you insert your finger in the water, the pepper will float away. There goes your trick!

Bend the Spoon Trick

In this trick, your little one will convince his friend that he can bend a spoon using just his hands. Let’s see how this optical illusion works.

For this trick, you’ll wrap your hands around the spoon’s rod and push the tip of the spoon’s bowl against a table. Make sure that the audience sees that you’re putting a lot of pressure.

The key to this trick is the way you hold the spoon because you won’t actually bend it. You’ll just let it slide down. However, the audience will only be seeing the bowl, not the whole spoon. So, their minds will convince them that the whole thing is bending. 

Pick a Coin Trick

For this trick, you’ll need 6 coins with different dates. You’ll convince your audience that you’ll be reading their minds. Let’s see how!

First, you’ll place your coins on a table in no specific order. Next, you’ll turn your back to them and let a volunteer pick a coin from the pile. Make sure to tell them to hold the coin tight in their palm, and memorize the date on the coin.

Afterward, they’ll put the coin back and it’ll be left for you to finalize the trick. You’ll face the table again and hold each coin in your hand, examining it carefully. Then, you’ll do some magic enchanting to convince them you’re reading their mind. Lastly, you’ll reveal the date on the coin they picked.

The trick is all physics; you’ll know that the coin is the right one because it’ll be the warmest out of the pile. That’s why you tell your volunteer to hold it tightly in their palms at the beginning of the trick.

Final Thoughts

The best magic set for kids on our list is the Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set. The tricks are easy to understand and fun. Plus, they’re not as traditional as the tricks in other magic kits.

If you’re not a fan of magic sets, you can also perform the other tricks at home and let your kids learn how to do them. In both cases, your little ones will surely enjoy their magic show!

Impress Your Friends With Cool Magic Tricks With Cards

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see a cool magic trick with cards?

Mastering card tricks can help you give a great first impression, or even win bets! However, you don’t need to master the skill to do amazing magic tricks.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the easiest magic tricks you can start doing as soon as you’re done reading. We’ll also recommend unique card kits that can help you through the journey.

So, let’s get started! 

Here Are Our Favorite Magic Tricks With Cards

Here, we’ll talk about every single magic trick, in detail, to help you fully understand how it’s performed.

1.   Amazing Aces

The observer takes the deck of cards and puts them into four piles. At the end of the trick, one ace should be observed on top of each pile.

How It’s Done

This is one of the tricks that need preparation.

  1. Before the trick starts, take the four aces and place them at the bottom of the deck.
  2. Give the deck to the observer. Ask him to place the cards, card by card, into four piles.
  3. There is no problem if the observer starts putting a few cards together into the same pile, but he must put the last 4 cards (the aces) in one pile each.
  4. You can guarantee this by simply asking him to deal the cards singularly.
  5. When the observer is done, ask him to turn over the top card of each pile to reveal the four aces.

2.   Pick a Card, Any Card

This one is a classic trick. Here, you offer the cards to a spectator and ask him to choose a card. After he observes the card, the spectator is asked to return the card into the deck. You’ll then look through the deck and easily identify his card.

How It’s Done

  1. Before the trick begins, you must divide the cards into two halves (black and red), and then put them over each other.
  2.  While the spectator is picking his card, you must note whether his pick was from the black or the red pile.
  3.  Make sure that when the spectator returns the card back, he returns it to the opposite half.
  4.  You can easily identify his pick by looking for his card in the half containing the different color.

3.   Blind Three Card Monte

Firstly, you must remove the queen of hearts and the two black aces from the deck, and place them face up in front of the spectator.

You should turn your back until the spectator chooses a card. When you return to him, you’ll guess which card he picked without any further action.

How It’s Done

  1. Place the cards face up as follows: Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, and turn your back.
  2. Ask the spectator to think of a card.
  3. Ask him to switch the position of both cards he’s not thinking about.
  4. Tell the spectator to turn the three cards down.
  5. Turn around and look at the three face-down cards.
  6. Ask the spectator to mix the cards, and all you have to do is follow the card in the center and look at it.
  7. If it was the queen of hearts, then the spectator’s choice was, indeed, the queen. However, if the card was one of the aces, then the spectator’s choice was the other ace.

4.   The World’s Simplest Trick

Even though this trick is very simple, it can blow the spectator’s mind. In this trick, you need nothing except for the deck of cards.

How It’s Done

  1.  Take out your pack of cards and let the spectator shuffle it if he wants.
  2. Ask him to name any two cards he wants (just the name of the card, without the suit).
  3. After the spectator names two cards, place your hand on the deck of cards and try to look very concentrated.
  4. After a couple of minutes, you ask the spectator to turn over the deck of cards and skim through it. Surprisingly, the cards that he names are right next to each other.
  5. If you try the trick and find a card between them, simply say that you’re not concentrating and repeat it again.

Let’s say the spectator chose ace and nine. This means he’s talking about eight cards in total since he didn’t name a suit.

The probability that 2 of those cards will be next to each other is very high. According to our experience, this trick fails only about 20% of the time.

This trick doesn’t need any preparation or skills to do it. This is why we call it the easiest trick in the world.

This trick will also do great if placed between other tricks in the show. It’ll act just fine as it’ll give you the time needed to relax your mind and prepare for other tricks.

Best Card Decks for Magic Tricks

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

In this part, we chose the best deck you can use to help you perform those nifty magic tricks with ease.

Magic Makers Ultimate Gaff Deck

The Bicycle Card Deck is one of the best decks you can use to help you perform your tricks. It’s suitable for all experience levels, and all magic tricks.

It comes as a special gaffed deck of cards. We especially liked the unique design and packaging it came in.

It also contains a reference guide with many tricks that are shown. They’re organized in a step by step manner, from the easiest tricks to the most difficult.

The reference isn’t as detailed as more advanced guides you can find on the market. You can always add a magic rope or some magic markers to the mix for better performances. Heck, you could even invest in a whole DVD collection to learn about new magic tricks!

Most importantly, you can buy it for a very reasonable price, compared to the number of tricks you can learn after using it.

Overall, the extremely durable cards and the assortment of features this product boasts (video guide, printed guide, and scary prop) make this very hard not to recommend.

Wrapping Up

All of our cool magic tricks with cards are enough to impress any audience and will surely get you a few compliments. Even though they’re very simple, we recommend you practice them for a few minutes daily.

A piece of advice: try not to repeat the same trick over and over to the same crowd. They might catch on to your trick, and you risk losing the initial spark of illusion.

So, go grab a card deck, and start working your magic!

Card Magic Tricks: An Easy Step by Step Guide

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Everyone loves a well-performed magic trick. It’s great for parties and entertains both young and old.

Because of this, we compiled 3 cool magic tricks to impress your friends and family, along with a step by step guide that even kids can follow. 

Ready to be the next young Houdini? Great! Let’s get started.

Before We Get Started, Here’s the Card Deck You Need

With every great magic card trick, the most important thing you need is a good set of cards. And sometimes, to truly impress an audience, a standard deck just won’t do. 

This is why we’ve dedicated hours to find the best deck of cards available on the market. We’re presenting our favorite choice here. Namely, the Magic Maker’s Ultimate Gaff Deck

Magic Makers Ultimate Gaff Deck isn’t just a deck of cards; it’s a collection of different styled decks and tricks for magicians of every level to learn and perform. 

A Little Sneak Peek Inside the Box

The Ultimate Gaff Deck contains the following:

  • A uniquely printed bicycle deck 
  • An instructional DVD
  • A booklet of printed instructions
  • An exclusive bonus special prop

In addition to this, there’s a total of 13 tricks that are explained in detail in their instructional DVD and booklet. Among these are the notable Full Deck Color Change, Crazy Aces, Queens Gone Wild, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Trading Kings.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect with the Ultimate Gaff Deck; a step-by-step guide of the 3 easiest tricks!

Chase the Ace 

Chase the Ace has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Since the turn of the 15th century, in fact! Also known as 3-Card Monte and Three-card Trick, Chase the Ace is a magic trick that only has one goal: to find the Ace among the three face-down playing cards. 

Easy, right? 

But there’s a twist; the player has no chance of winning whatsoever. 

There are two different variations for this trick, the “Bent Corner” variation, and the “Solo” variation. 

We’ll be discussing the Solo variation. 

Step 1: What You’ll Need 

3 cards – 2 identical and 1 different. 

Step 2: Card Set-Up 

For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s say the winning card is an Ace and the 2 losing cards are Jokers. Hold up these 3 cards in front of your audience side by side in a Joker – Ace – Joker fashion. 

Step 3: The Switch

Hold the losing card along the bottom edges between your thumb and index finger, beside the winning card. 

Remember, the positioning of the cards is Joker – Ace – Joker.  

For a more genuine effect, flick the first Joker before setting it down on the table. 

Do the same to your Ace, but before placing it down – and this is the crucial part –  swap the cards using your thumb finger to the losing card, giving your audience the illusion that you’ve set down the Ace instead of the Joker. 

Once all down the table, ask your audience to choose. They’ll always choose the wrong card. 

This trick relies on your sleight of hand, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first few times. Practice makes perfect! 

Itsy Bitsy Spider

This is a trick that’ll surely blow your audience’s minds. Imagine this: You have 4 cards with a drawing of a spider on the front. You show them to your spectators, flip the cards over, snap your fingers, and bam! The spiders vanish! All that’s left is their webs.

But there’s a surprise to it. With a wave of your hand, you can bring these spiders back…literally!

Impressive, huh? 

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: What You’ll Need

In this trick, you’ll be using items only found in the Ultimate Gaff Deck; 5 spider cards, (3 blank spiderweb cards, 1 double-sided spider card, 1 standard spider card), and a special spider prop.

We’re not going to show you how the spider comes into action in this guide – you’ll have to buy the set yourself to see how it really comes into play. No spoilers from us!  

Step 2: Card Set-Up 

You need to follow this card placement, from left to right: Spider card, 2 blank spiderweb cards, and double-sided spider card on top of the blank spider card. 

So when you flip the cards, you’ll have a total of only 4 cards as one of them is on top of the other. 

Step 3: The Disappearing Act 

As you’re showing your audience the cards, turn the last two cards over to show your audience the two spiders. After this, you’ll need to put an act of showing them the rest of your cards. 

This is where your sleight of hand comes into play; you’re not going to show them the empty cards, not really! You’ll instead keep flipping the top card quickly, giving it the illusion that all your cards have spiders on them. 

This takes a bit of practice. No one should suspect you’re doing this, or your trick is spoiled.

To make the spiders vanish, all you’ll need to do is to flip the double-sided card over the deck and viola. The spiders are gone!

Queens Gone Wild

With this, you have a total of 8 Spades and 1 Queen of Hearts on the table. The trick? One by one, you’ll transform every Spade into a Queen of Heart in front of your audience’s very eyes. 

Crazy, huh? Here’s how you do it. 

Step 1: What You’ll Need

You will once again need cards from the Ultimate Gaff Deck

You need 4 double faced-Queen of Hearts and 9 of Spades, and 5 regular Queen of Hearts. 

Step 2: Card Set-Up 

Place the 5 regularly faced Queen of Hearts in your hand, and place the four double facers on top of them. While showing your audience the cards, make sure to avoid showing them any more than 1 Queen of Heart. 

To do this, you’ll need to count 4 Spades before showing them your Queen, before very subtly pulling the previous 4 Spades on top of the deck and counting once again, as if you’re showing them the rest of the cards. 

This is the hardest part of the trick to master. You’ll be able to perform the trick smoothly once you do. 

Step 3: The Flip

After this, you’ll be dealing the Queens face down, and the double-faced 9’s face up. This will show your spectators that you have four 9’s of Spades and four face-down cards. 

This is where the magic happens: while collecting the cards, make sure that you’re flipping the double-sided 9’s to Queens, and show your audience that you managed to turn all your cards into Queens! 

Just be careful not to show them the double-sided cards! 

Final Thoughts 

You don’t have to be Criss Angel to impress the world. Sometimes, all we need is a set of magical card decks. 

And with the help of Magic Maker’s Ultimate Gaff Deck, you may be on your way to being one of the best. Or just simply one who everyone wants to invite to every party! 

The Most Expensive Magic Card Ever Sold

While this one may seem like a different kind of “magic” than you normally see here, this is a popular request from our readers and commenters.

You’ve probably heard of Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game born in the early 1990s and the first trading cards game ever created. It was created by Richard Garfield and published by Wizards of the Coast.

As expected, almost all trends of that time have now been replaced with technology and online games. However, Magic: The Gathering, also known as MtG, is still popular to this day and has its own league of devoted fans, reaching twenty million players by 2015.

The game has actually become popular to the extent that its collectible cards often come with expensive price tags. One, in particular, is the most sought-after of all time.

It’s also the most expensive magic card ever sold, and it’s the one we’ll be discussing today.

The Black Lotus

The Black Lotus card is one of the rarest and most important cards ever to come out of Magic: The Gathering.

It’s one of nine cards in the Power Nine set, which is a collection of powerful cards that were printed only in the game’s early history. Black Lotus is the single rarest card of them all.

The full Power Nine set includes:

  • Black Lotus
  • Ancestral Recall
  • Time Walk
  • Timetwister
  • Mox Emerald
  • Mox Ruby
  • Mox Sapphire
  • Mox Pearl
  • Mox Jet


Magic: The Gathering has had several decks printed since its inception, and they all include many differences. The Black Lotus has been featured in almost all decks.

The first print of the whole set of 295 cards with black borders was called the Alpha deck and it featured 1,100 Black Lotus cards.

A Beta deck was released soon after, which included 3,300 Black Lotus cards. It also added more playing cards and corrected errors on some of the originals.

The following deck included the same cards as the Beta print, except it featured white borders instead of black. The Unlimited deck is being printed to this day!

Printing of the Black Lotus was halted permanently soon after, due to the sheer havoc it could cause during a game when played.


The Black Lotus magic card is expensive for a reason. Besides being the rarest card to come out of the game, it’s also a very powerful one.

Last year, a mint condition Alpha-deck Black Lotus card with a 9.5 Beckett score sold for $166,100 on eBay, which is more than double what a similar card sold for two months before.

The card’s value also increases drastically as time passes. Seven months before the sale of the 9.5 Black Lotus card, another Black Lotus card, with a Beckett score of 9, sold for just $87,672.

That’s almost a 100% increase in value, further proving that the Black Lotus’s popularity is steadily increasing as competition grows.

Of all the types of Black Lotus cards ever made, the Alpha-deck ones are the most expensive due to their scarcity.


This card offers the player a great jumpstart in the early stages of a Magic game by granting three mana.

If you haven’t played the game before, mana is used to power spells and summon creatures, making it your primary resource in the game that allows you to move forward.

The card is also played at zero cost, meaning there are no downsides to playing it.

In fact, the card is so powerful that it’s been banned from all official Legacy tournaments. However, its use in Vintage tournaments is allowed, although restricted.


Of all the magic cards ever printed, the Black Lotus is the rarest. At the time when it was being printed during the game’s earlier days, 1,100 cards were made in the Alpha deck.

Black Lotus cards continued to be printed in the Beta and Unlimited decks. However, in 1999, the card was deemed too powerful for the game, which is when its print was permanently stopped.

To put the limited quantity in a better perspective, two billion cards were sold by 1997. Black Lotus cards make a tiny number of that total. The number of Black Lotus cards since then has grown smaller, considering they’re no longer being printed like their more common counterparts.

Although a small number of Black Lotus cards are available in the world today, replicas have been made by unauthorized makers not affiliated with the game’s creators.


The Black Lotus card is the most recognizable playing card in today’s world.

It features an illustration of a black lotus in the foreground with green vegetation in the background. It was painted by artist Christopher Rush who was an employee of Wizards of the Coast at the time.

Richard Garfield, the game’s creator, favored the concept of strength being contained in a flower and its delicacy. He thought it gave it a more unique look when compared to other items that signified power, such as rings.


Magic: The Gathering is a game that requires dedicated and passionate players who are willing to spend plenty of time and money on this activity.

As with all collectibles, the cards are meant to be treasured and kept in excellent condition so as not to ruin their value. Even if you owned an original Black Lotus, it wouldn’t sell for much if it’s in any condition less than mint.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Black Lotus, keep in mind that the Alpha-deck versions are the most expensive and that the competition for it is fierce!

It’s also a highly replicated item, so be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Here’s an interesting video to watch that’ll give you some clues as to how to spot the differences between a real Black Lotus and a fake one.

Deck Review: COPAG 310 Playing Cards

One thing that you learn to love with a fresh new deck is that feeling as you unwrap and realize the difference that quality makes. The COPAG 310 series from Cartamundi will give you that feeling, every time. Coming in both a red and blue deck, these will feel so. natural in your hand for the cardistry and close-up card magic fans, as well as the poker player in all of us.

A standout feature of the COPAG 310 is also the delivery packaging. You have a guaranteed clean product arrival because both the tuck box and the deck itself are each cellophane wrapped for safety and security. I can tell you that some of my other deck deliveries have not made it as nicely as I hoped because of a lack of protective packaging. Not the case with the COPAG 310.

A Finish Designed for Smooth Handling

The True Linen B9 finish is something that you just have to feel to understand. These cards have a perfect combination of a stiffness for longevity while not giving up the comfort and flexibility for cardistry, sleights, and general card handling.

You can definitely feel the effect of the smoothness as you shuffle and handle the cards. You will find that the finish doesn’t wear like many decks do with a lot of handling as long as you keep your hands clean and keep them regularly shuffled to prevent oil buildup on the surfaces (which is a common problem for any deck).

They also dribble so smoothly that you will be loving the feel. The weight and smoothies pair perfectly. Anyone you live with who already dreads the dribble sounds will really hate how great these feel because you’ll be dribbling up a storm!

Extending With the COPAG 310 Gaff Deck

You can also add some more tricks to the toolkit very easily it the COPAG 310 Gaff deck. This is worth a write-up all by itself but is also something I wanted to share for the quick two cards that are a classic for newcomers and experts alike.

The gaff deck is a standalone deck that comes with both red and blue gaff cards including double-back, blanks, and more. This means that you can order a single gaff deck and use these nifty gimmicked cards in a number of your other COPAG 310 standard decks.

Blanks are always a fun one to include so that you can wow your audience with what began as a normal deck and suddenly all the faces and pips vanish!

Double-backs need no introduction. They pair well with your blank cards and for other classic foundational tricks. The other bonus cards include black faces, black backs, and split faces. You will have a lot of great new tricks to add to your repertoire with the gaff deck bonus.

Review Summary: A Must-Have Deck (or many) for Magic and Cardistry

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It goes without saying that the Cartamundi brand is one you can trust. As you may already know, the merger of Cartamundi and Bicycle has led to the best of both companies coming together. These COPAG 310 were a classic from design to delivery including the thorough packaging to ensure your deck arrives solid and injury free.

Getting the COPAG 310 standard deck is a breeze in either red or blue:

Red COPAG 310 Standard Playing Cards

Blue COPAG 310 Standard Playing Cards

COPAG 310 Gaff Deck (Red and Blue)

The Gaff deck (sometimes found as gimmick deck) contains 7 different very cool gimmick cards including

  • 8 blank faces
  • 8 blank backs
  • 4 blank cards
  • 5 split faces
  • 2 reveals
  • 14 double backers
  • 15 double faces

I hope that you enjoy your COPAG 310 decks as much as I do! (I literally buy them by the brick!)

Best Coins for Coin Magic and Coinistry

There are very few coins that you see used in magic when it comes to coin handling and coinistry. This is because there are two common styles that are most prominently found in the pockets of a coin magician in North America.

The two coins you will find the ideal for getting started with are the US 50c (usually called the Kennedy Half Dollar) or the US 1$ (most commonly the Eisenhower Dollar). They each have their own advantages and uses when it comes to particular tricks and also for your own personal fit.

You can see in the images below what these look like in the hand. The size of each coin will simply be matter of getting used to. Either make great coins for a simple French drop, a JW vanish, classic palm, and many more foundational moves.

Image: The US Kennedy Half Dollar and Eisenhower Liberty Dollar coins

You can see the sizing relative to each other and this is important when you think of how it will fit with your own hands depending on what types to coinistry and tricks you are aiming for.

The Kennedy Half Dollar – Light and Versatile

One of the reasons we love using the Kennedy Half Dollar is the simple ease of fitting it into the hand in a variety of methods. Because the half dollar is nice and light it also makes a great candidate for a smooth muscle pass and palming is super easy because it’s nice and light.

Using a half dollar for a classic palm is the first place most newcomers to coin and close-up magic begin because it’s a foundational move that will be part of many tricks you will add to your arsenal.

Image: The Kennedy Half Dollar in a Classic Palm

Palming the half dollar takes a bit of practice for the new coin magician. You’ll probably find that if you have larger hands it’s a little easier to tuck it into place and for the BMAS magician in the picture above it takes a bit of practice to keep it neatly tucked without much folding of the hand.

What you will enjoy about the half dollar is that it also works smoothly for vanishes, hand washing, and when you want to do something like the JW vanish, you can position it in one part of the knuckle fold as you see below or in a more compressed hold across a larger part of the finger depending on what leads up to the JW.

Image: A simple JW vanish with a Kennedy Half Dollar

Be careful when you carry your half dollar coins around with you as they sometimes look a little too much like a quarter and you may find yourself accidentally handing your carefully acquired magic coin to a cashier somewhere.

The Eisenhower Dollar – Bigger can Be Better

Who says size matters? The jump from the half dollar to the full dollar is noticeable for both the circumference and the weight. It will still be quite easy to make use of the dollar for a classic palm as you can see below. It’s just a matter of your muscle memory and positioning of the coin based on the fit of your palm and how much you need to adjust for the hold.

Image: The Eisenhower Dollar in a Classic Palm hold

Using the larger coin really plays into the trick and a bonus with the full dollar coin is that they are heavier and make a very obvious audible sound when dropped in together. This is great for adding sound as part of the misdirection in your illusion.

Manipulating the dollar coin will also feel quite different than the smaller half dollar. This is something you will get used to and you can also quite easily palm (see above) and from there it’s a simple move to a muscle pass, or transition to a JW vanish like you see here:

Image: Using the JW vanish with an Eisenhower Dollar

It sure looks like you couldn’t hide a coin this huge. That’s why they call it magic! You’ll be surprised how easily you can play the angles as you get used to handling the coin. Other moves like hand washing may feel a little harder with the dollar coin because of its size and the need to cover it with more of your fingers. It all just takes practice to build up the muscle memory of where it sits and how it fits.

Where do I get 50c and 1$ US coins?

Getting a 50c coin is not as easy as it used to be when they were in common production. The best place to get them is from the US Mint or from a casino. The reason they are popular in casinos is because they don’t have a 50c poker chip. These can be used for splitting a pot when it’s an odd dollar amount.

The dollar coins are also a challenge to get outside of ordering from the mint or finding one inside a casino. There’s a reason that many magicians make a trip to Vegas for both the shows and to stock up on coin supplies!

Banks may carry rolls of coins but your mileage may vary from bank to bank and from branch to branch. These are not commonly used in retail so there are less in circulation which means less need to have them in rolls everywhere you go.

You can also locate them on Amazon and eBay but the catch there (and even when ordering from the US mint) is that you have to pay more than a dollar for the dollar coin. The 50c coin is also similarly overpriced because sellers know that they are used for magic, collecting, and even for just straight up fun it is not worth them eating free shipping on the coin to send to you.

Hopefully this is helpful as you make your foray into coin magic and these coins are handy to have as we share more hands-on trick guides and link to other ways you can learn to add coin magic and coinistry to your trick toolkit.

What about Coinistry?

Great question! Both the half dollar and dollar coins are great for coinistry. The variation in size gives you a chance to use them in any move or flourish that you can fit them. You will find they behave differently because of the size and weight.

Image: Half Dollar and Dollar in a fingertip grip

There is a noticeable difference in the size and weight of the Eisenhower dollar and as you try out coinistry and coin magic you will inevitably hear a lot of the sound of coins being dropped. Don’t worry, it gets easier!

Keep a blank or pillow under where you’re practicing and be prepared to work your way through a lot of slow maneuvers at first before you will get the hang of it.

What you may find you enjoy is the sheer size of the full dollar because it really wows the audience as you vanish and produce it. The visual effect is enhanced by the size of it. For flourishes and coinistry handling you can enjoy both the half dollar and dollar coins. Again, you hand size may be the main reason you choose one over the other.